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The Energetics of Healthy Skin ••• Part Two

the energetics of healthy skin part two moon & rock blog


Energetics behind skincare part II :: Here is Part One, in case you missed it.

“The universe mirrors back to us perfectly our beliefs, our intentions, our sincerity. What is the product of the map of reality you carry inside you? If you want to change your experience, you need to change the map.” —Alberto Villoldo

Like we said in part one ~ Before we are ready to tackle skin issues externally, we must first be ready to see them for what they are: TEACHERS.

Teachers showing up to remind us to see our own Beauty and Worth within everything…to see all of existence as One…to experience a sweet tether to all of life, being a purposeful and perfect essence of it.

What is showing up externally is a calling from our higher, most radiant + healthy selves, to create shifts in our everyday lives to experience more peace, ease, harmony and comfort in the body.

It is a calling to again perceive all of life as One. Whether it be in this moment, or sometime in the future, whenever you’re experiencing anger or sadness or frustration with skin issues, come back to these few reminders ::

  • LISTEN to them as a teacher
  • HAVE GRATITUDE, rather than judgement for them, because they are your catalyst for transformation
  • STAY SOFT, FIND EASE rather than resistance or anger or depression. Be so gentle with yourself.
  • SHIFT away from whatever doesn’t feel good, and dive fully into what is nourishing + balancing for unique you [[ and keep in mind this may be very different from the girl next door...and that's okay, because you're different, so embrace it ]]
  • ONE SPIRIT MEDICINE is the perspective of unity and harmony in all of existence. Begin to see yourself in everything. See Beauty in everything, therefore see your own Beauty and purpose here beyond your skin, beyond what you “think” that you need to look like. See the Beauty in the spirit you bring into a room, into people’s lives. Be that. Radiate that. Experience everything as One.


∵ image is by @danielle_bhavya_winter 

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