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Environmental consciousness and responsibility has been at the heart of Atone since our birth.

We have been deeply inspired by the lush and vibrant landscape of the islands of Hawai’i, where we operate from. This has allowed us the opportunity to take an intimate look into the types and amounts of resources that we are importing to our small island, and then sending away again.

Our facilities here have always been 100% solar-powered with water supplied through rain catchment. Our employees have always worked from home. We believe that less is more both in our skincare routine, and in our wide  consumption habits.

Since day one, our packaging has been as minimal and recyclable as possible, with a heavy focus on minimizing single-use plastic resources all along our supply chain. We are continuously excited to discover new ways to implement our vision of sustainability, responsibility, and care for our Mother Earth.

In our mission to cut single use plastics, all Atone products come in recyclable packaging and shipping materials.

In 2021, we officially became a Certified Climate Neutral brand. This means that we work with Carbon Neutral to offset our brand's carbon emissions by 100% through purchasing nature-based carbon credits which actively remove carbon from our atmosphere.

We are also members of 1% For The Planet where we have pledged to give back 1% of our annual profits to environmental causes that enhance and regenerate the health of Mother Earth and all of her beings.

To care for Mother Earth is to care for ourselves. We are one body.

Always At-one.