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New Moon in Cancer || July 16

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art is Sensitive chaos: the creation of flowing forms in water and air by Theodor Schwenk, 1978

New Moon in Cancer || July 16

Essences: Attuned, supportive, a returning, mature, courageous, intentional, slow


This tender and intuitive New Moon opens the space for us to truly return home to ourselves, as we attune to the energies of our wildest dreams and cut ties to the energies that keep us from fully realizing them.

Where is this energetic home that we return to? How far have we wandered from it?

New Moons are always portals for beginnings, for laying down intentions of what we long to manifest in the physical world. This New Moon in particular asks us to do so by aligning our values, actions, and frequencies to the highest frequency of our dreams.

This is about being in really potent energetic alignment with where we want to go. We cannot build an elaborate home on a shaky foundation.

What is our foundation made of? How solid is our emotional, intuitive core?

With beginnings come endings, so we may also see now — in a truly beautiful and inspiring way — what we are completely done with. What has been holding us back, what we have been holding onto or doing out of a need to please or accommodate too many others? What simply feels so, so juicy and good in your own heart? What is the story that only you know?

There are a lot of questions now — questions that only you can answer. There is a unique imprint of love and trust that only you know.

There is a very intentional point of reflection and realization available to us now — we can offer ourselves the simple pleasures and simple space to attune to our own foundation, heart and home, to honor what is present in our lives and what longs to come through.

How can we make ourselves the purest birthing portal for these dreams? Where do we need to clean up our act?

Enjoy your coming home, dear love. There is truly no better feeling.

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