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Full Moon in Capricorn || July 3

Full Moon in Capricorn || July 3

Essences: Commitment, vision, balance, discernment, resources, integration


Here we are, at the midpoint of the year, under another beautiful Capricorn Full Moon. We begin and end the year this way, and as we dwell here in the center between intention and completion, we are asked to reflect upon how we began the year, and vision forward towards the closing of it.

What did we intend for this year? How are we walking that path? What is unfolding?

Capricorn is our steady mountain goat, walking the long walk with endurance and higher perspective. There is emotional and spiritual maturity, as well as practical responsibility involved when Capricorn energies are at play.

This is how we work, how we vision, how we take care. This is a long day’s work, towards a goal that we know will take many years of growth.

And know is the keyword here … we have a knowing that what is gestating is not stagnant but is absolutely growing. Steadily, responsibly, beautifully.

And for a good ol dose of balance, Sun in Cancer brings us home to the heart, into a process of reflection and integration. We are asked to both put in the work, but also take the time to reflect upon how the work makes us feel. Do we actually feel aligned with how we spend our time? How is it all sitting with our heart, really? Do we like where we are headed, or does a course change need to take place?

Now is a time to make those changes. To set the vision for those changes. To practice discernment, refinement, and cleanse for clarity.

We may receive a strike of creative inspiration at this time. Bright Moons tend to do such a thing, especially with Saturn now in Pisces, supporting us in boundary setting and filling our inner well of self-trust and self-love.

Move onward with your wildest dreams. Don’t settle for quick fixes or instant results. Climb the tallest mountain one step at a time. Eyes and hearts onward to the top.

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