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Full Moon in Sagittarius || June 3-4

Full Moon in Sagittarius || Strawberry Moon June 3 - 4

Essences: Revealing, exploring, experience, hope, release, stability, gifts


What are we using our powers for? Where are we giving out our gifts?

The world needs our unique expression and perspective, and the illumination of this Moon is a call to rise in our sense of personal freedom, releasing what we are done with at a soul level, and opening our hearts to the unexpected beauty around us.

These are optimistic, hopeful energies that invite us to feel energized about where we are going next, and inspired by how much we have changed.

Intuitive abilities may feel very strong and clear right now, and I invite you to really follow every inkling with openness! What does your gut instinct really say? What falls away — and what becomes illuminated — when you get really quiet and rooted in your own being? What is your deepest essence called to?

The hopeful energies may have us feeling finally ready to move towards what we really want, with little hesitation and lots of spirit. We may envision now an expanded dream which we previously didn’t conceive was possible.

The key is to remain in humility and honor of the Mystery, ultimately surrendered into whatever will be, all the while moving lovingly towards those intuitive instincts about what feels right for you.

Easier said than done, but this is done breath by breath, and requires us to remain grounded and alert to the beauty and synchronicities in our external world. When we feel triggered or overwhelmed, rather than becoming consumed by the feelings, may we use them as a call to become even more present and loving.

Aim your arrows directly at your dreams, with a soft brow, wide smile, and open heart. What you seek is seeking you, too.

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