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New Moon in Virgo || September 14-15

Virgo New Moon 9/15

Essences: Creative, tender, intentional, clear, fertile, strong, sovreign


This is where we faithfully tend to the deeper imaginings of our heart visions. This is the devotional “how” behind everything that we do. This is where clear new intentions can be seeded.

Our heart is the soil, our intentions are the seeds. We must be discerning as to what elements we exposure these vulnerable spaces to — are we nourishing and nurturing what we wish to witness blossom? Or we are neglectful and forgetful?

This is is the cosmic quenching of our intentions — the great watering and weeding.

Weeding away what has overgrown or what is choking out new growth. How can we make space in our lives for new growth to gain strength? What has run its course and must be allowed to lay to rest?

The opposition of Virgo and Uranus in Pisces now is asking us to keep course with what is working, and gratefully release what is no longer working. And here’s a really relieving and powerful reminder that we are supported with at this time:

We are not designed to do as everyone else does. We are not merely cogs in the wheel of the machine. No, not if we don’t choose to be. We are sovereign, visionary, infinite energetic beings with the ability to think and feel creatively. In fact, existence needs this from us.

Krishnamurti reminded us that culture is created by the relationship between you and I. Culture is our relational agreement to conform to certain beliefs, values, ideals, aesthetics.

All of life is relational, and we cannot escape this truth. But there is a difference between relations that are unconscious and conformed, and relations that are creative, awakened, alert. The relationship between two humans can be this way, and the relationship between a human and their daily work can be this way. Life is shaped by relationship.

So how do you want to tend to your relations? How do you want to complete your tasks? How do you want to take action? What is your relationship between you and your action?

Life is so very meaningful and sweet when there is intention and faith imbued into what we do. And faith requires us to move through profound moments of doubt and distraction.

Virgo reminds us that the limbo, the waiting it out process, holds purposeful wisdom and potential. This is the space where we do the daily devotional work, even when it’s grimy and greasy.

Virgo wants to be of service, to be useful. So how can we ensure that what we are tending to is of benefit to others as well?

May we remain open and receptive to the fruits of our labors. May we move about them as gratefully and gracefully as possible, moving more towards creativity and further from conformity. May we be discerning about the influences we let in. May we dwell in the beautiful mystery of this New Moon’s darkness. It is so fertile for new growth!

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