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Solar Eclipse in Libra || October 13-14

Solar Eclipse in Libra 10/13 astrology 2023


New Moon & Total Solar Eclipse in Libra || October 13-14 2023

Essences: Relations, energetics, equilibrium, wholeness, nuance, prayer



Here we find ourselves peering over the event horizon of a total solar eclipse portal—a profound moment of transformation and renewal. This celestial phenomenon beckons us to peer into the depths of our collaborative existence, illuminating the sticky webs of stagnant energies and relational patterns that no longer nurture our souls or serve the greater good.

We are gifted now with the piercing vision to discern the nuanced tapestry of our communication. It's a moment of revelation, a stark realization of the inadequacies in our words and the chasms in our mutual understanding. We are called not only to communicate with greater compassion, but to unravel the essence of our own intentions.

What do we truly mean, and what lies beneath our words? Remember that people won’t always remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel. This is a sacred summons to infuse our expressions with both intention and compassion.

As our curriculum in the school of life unfolds, we are taught us the sacred art of coexistence — the tender care of one another. We are encouraged shed the cloaks of our ego-driven narratives and release the biases that cloud our perception. In this sacred endeavor, we strive to see each other in our fullness and to collaboratively weave a more harmonious world.

This is a passage of ancestral healing, where the echoes of generations past beckon us to clear the imprints of profound pain. While it may can be excruciating to confront the truth, let us hold gratitude in our hearts for the chance to forge a different path and love with a depth we never before deemed possible.

Our relations, imbued with intentionality and thoughtfulness, mirror the relationship we cultivate with our own self. In these tumultuous times, seek the solace of solitude to rest in prayer, contemplation, and release. Ground yourself in the nurturing embrace of Mother Earth, finding some stability amid the chaos. Acknowledge the areas in your life that demand ruthlessness, even if only temporarily, and initiate the changes required.

This eclipse window is a pivotal cleansing juncture — the snake shedding her skin! Embrace the call for new possibilities and inspirations, letting your creativity flow freely, and don’t be afraid to reach out for support.

Tune in the shifting vibrations of our planet, and play your beautiful part by elevating the frequency of something in your life or immediate surroundings. No effort is too small, for it is the intention that truly counts. Ask yourself how you can elevate the frequency of your own presence and with those you share your time with most.

May we each find our eternal center — our inner eye of the storm — where the peace that passes all understanding resides.

May it be this sacred space that the birth of the new earth emerges from, heralding in a world of beauty, compassion, and co-creation with all of our relations.

It begins within each of us, and no prayer is too humble to matter. It all matters, and I bow to you for playing your part.

In gratitude & blessings x Meagan

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