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New Moon in Sagittarius || December 12

new moon in sagittarius 12/12/23 astrology 2023

New Moon in Sagittarius || December 12

A Wild Awakening

Essences: Inspiration, courage, authenticity, creativity, growth, wholeness, healing


We have arrived at the last New Moon of the calendar year! And an inspiring one it is… a celestial herald in the wild and wise Sagittarius. This Moon is not just a dark hole in the sky; it is a primal drumbeat into self-reflection, a call to the untamed parts of ourselves, urging us to gather the rich wisdom of our life's odyssey thus far. As we stand at the threshold of a new year calling for greater authentic creation and self-discovery.

We are beckoned now into a dance of boldness, of courage to be who we really are.

This New Moon whispers to us of beautiful adventures yet to be taken, paths not yet revealed. It is a time to see clearly the chains that have bound us, the shadows of the past that currently cloud our path. Yet, in this raw energy, there lies a fine line between the warrior's assertiveness and the tyrant's aggression. We must tread tenderly, using this fierce energy to confront not the external foes, but the internal ones we have long shied away from. What are you hiding from yourself? Where have you been afraid of yourself? What you so afraid to show?

Under the dark comfort of this Moon, a river of healing awaits those who dare to jump in. Self-forgiveness as our only raft.

This is a time super ripe in aspiration and inspiration! We are feeling the stirrings of new beginnings deep within our bones. We are called to follow the excitement of the unknown… to step into a space where we feel ready to start anew, acknowledging the healing that we have done this last year. We can celebrate ourselves & be so proud of ourselves!

Sagittarius calls us to look higher, to transcend our old limited visions and perceptions. We are beckoned to operate from a place of healed understanding, a place where our soul sees in colors yet unnamed. This New Moon instills in us a sense of wonder and trust in the energy that propels us. For there is a wild reason behind it, a reason that speaks to the core of our innermost being.


Reflections for the Spirit:

  • What creations are calling to your wild heart in this new moon cycle?
  • What sparks of inspiration are flickering within you?
  • Where have we been too harsh in judging yourself? In judging others?
  • How can the stories and wisdom you have gathered this last year light your way forward?


In gratitude & New Moon blessings! x Meagan

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