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New Moon in Capricorn || January 11

capricorn new moon 1/11/24 astrology


I know that taking action on a big, vulnerable dream can be scary. I know that the first hurdle of motivation is the highest, and the getting-going requires the greatest effort.

But I also know that some action is better than no action because when we at least begin to move in the direction of our dreams, even if it’s not the “right” action, at least we will learn an important lesson in the process.

When we take action, we tell the Universe that we love ourselves enough and trust ourselves enough to be continuously guided to what is best, and that we are willing to rise up to greet every obstacle as a gift, because it always gets us closer to truth.

As this year begins anew, so do we. There is profound beauty and rejuvenation in experiencing this time of year as a personal re-birth, where we can officially declare the releasing of last year’s energy and set the vibe for an entirely new energy this go-around. We can best support ourselves with a little ritual of intention setting, prayer, and release.

Since the getting-going is the hardest part, go slow. May your first steps in a new direction be tender, intentional, joyful and grateful… and may you just keep taking those steps, no matter what.

When we find ourselves grasping too tightly for control (and it’s backfiring on us), or when we feel impatient and desiring of an instant gratification (that isn’t presenting itself), may we turn ourselves towards the embrace of Mother Earth and the medicine she offers us in every moment, through every season, through every situation.

Earth energy can compost the mental-emotional energy that ails us, and renew us with expansive love.

What energy from last year are you leaving behind?

What are you calling in this new year?

What can help you to remain in a state of faith, trust, and flow? What daily practices best support you?

What are 5 words to describe your authenticity and the unique magic you bring to the world?

Blessed new year, new moon, new energy, new beginnings… !

In love x Meagan

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