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Full Moon in Leo || January 25

full moon in leo 1/25/24 astrology atone beauty

art is by Jeffery Simmons

Full Moon in Leo on January 25 || Wolf Moon

Essences: Stillness, authenticity, creativity, awareness, confidence, positivity


Become aware now of the silent, still, and brilliant flame of presence in the center of your chest. Become acutely aware of the unchanging nature of this beautiful space, this space of your loving awareness.

Become aware of how everything around this space is changing in every moment. Atoms scattering, stars whirling, cells morphing, sunrise to moonrise, inhales and exhales. Yet in the stillness of your awareness… nothing changes. The flame flickers eternally. The power of your presence remains the same.

This sensation, this knowing, this space, is what we are called to identify with again and again, more and more.

The anxious clinging to the dream of our physical reality can lead to tremendous suffering, because it is inherently unstable. There will always be something to trigger our wounding, challenge our beliefs, dismantle our identities.

What if we defined success by the degree of our awareness, rather than by how much we knock off the to-do list? What if we knew our beauty to be this eternally worthy energy that emanates from our presence, rather than from our psychology and personality?

This Wolf Moon asks us to howl our authenticity into the ethers. It calls us to be evermore ourselves… our most authentic, unapologetic, clear, confident, creative and loving selves. And how are we to become this? By becoming aware. By acting from inner spaciousness and presence.

It is okay to feel really big feelings. It is okay to be confused. It is okay to be in awe. It is okay to hold two opposing perspectives in your heart at the same time, feeling and honoring the validity of it all. It is okay not to know. It is okay to let go. It is safe to surrender into our most vulnerable sensations… because when we do, we move from a place of authenticity and positive activity.

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