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The Energetics of Healthy Skin | Part One

the energetics of healthy skin part one moon & rock blog


When it comes to taking care of our skin, there are two parts which must be cared for equally:

1. The Physical

2. The Metaphysical (Energetic)


Everything begins in the metaphysical, so that's where we'll start. There is a lot to unpack on this topic, and you can explore more in the I Am Beauty Ebook where I expand further.

The energetics of healthy skin begin with a perspective shift — a shift into seeing our skin as our teacher.

Our life isn't ultimately shaped by WHAT happens to us, but by HOW we act or react to what happens to us. This is the perspective shift from OBJECT consciousness to PRESENCE. Being present with whatever symptoms or uncomfortable feelings are arising as a result of what is happening on our skin — present enough to listen to the shifts that need to happen or the care that needs to be tended.

The shift in perspective moves away from FRUSTRATION around what is happening, with an urgent need to fix it, and towards TRUST in the symptoms as signs in which we can respond with presence and compassion.

When we see the body as a teacher rather than as an enemy, we exist in an energy of gratitude (the highest vibration), rather than an energy of fear (a dysfunctional vibration).

Skin issues really require us to humble ourselves and take a good (though I admit, sometimes difficult) look at how we view ourselves and how we view the world.

These perspectives are most often overt — they're subconscious, ruling the conscious mind unknowingly. They are the result of past mental-emotional conditioning. But they are not who you truly are in your essence. When you begin to bring more presence in your life, you realize that the conditioning doesn't hold much weight, but dissolves under the light of your awareness. In the most simple terms, the perspective shift is AWARENESS.

When in a state of healing, we need to be extra vigilant about what we take in through the media and our environment, as the contents of our consciousness are mirrored to us in our external world. When this mirror shows us inflammation emerging from the skin, it can be a call to slow down, tune in (to our heart) and tune out (the external world).

What beliefs are we carrying around that are inhibiting us from experiencing expansive, all-consuming love for ourselves?

Begin there.

When we care for our energetic world (the contents of our consciousness) first, we can trust that what will manifest physically will be in alignment with health, vibrancy, purpose and healing.

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