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The Energetics of Healthy Skin ••• Part One

the energetics of healthy skin part one moon & rock blog


When it comes to care of our skin, there are two parts which must be cared for equally as well :: there's the physical, and there's metaphysical [[ or the energetic ]].

Today, we're talking about the energetics ••• And there's a lot to unpack here, so this is Part I of more on the topic.

Your unique skin experience is only for you to understand. However, there are some underlying energetics behind skin disruptions or imbalances that are very much worth opening up a conversation about. Firstly, we have to see our skin as our teacher. We have to trust the education it brings, listen, and respond compassionately. When we see the body as a teacher rather than as an enemy, we come into an energy of gratitude, rather than an energy of fear.

Skin issues really require us to humble ourselves and take a good (often difficult) look at how we view ourselves and how we view the world.

These perspectives are most over overt :: they're subconscious, ruling the conscious mind unknowingly, but undeniably. What manifests in the subconscious becomes programmed through a variety of avenues, depending upon our upbringing, current media, and the environments we inhabit. Over time, the contents of our consciousness are mirrored to us in our external world. When this mirror shows us inflammation emerging from the skin, it is a strong call to slow down, tune in (to our heart), tune out (the external world), and get real with our current state of self-worth. 𑁍

What beliefs are we carrying around that are inhibiting us from experiencing expansive, all-consuming love for ourselves?

Begin there.

There are myyyyriad physical manifestations why skin issues arise, and we'll talk on them soon. But what's played out physically manifests in pattern to what is experienced energetically. When we care for our emotional and spirituals worlds [[ the contents of our consciousness ]] first, we can trust what will manifest physically to be in alignment with health, vibrancy, purpose and healing. 𑁍


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