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» New Moon Total Solar Eclipse on 7/2 in Cancer «

» This July's New Moon on 7/2 is in Cancer «



Sensitive, subconscious, transitional, honest, caring, expressive, self-aware, responsible


Questions to Ask

How honestly expressive do I feel at this time? Do I feel that I am speaking up for what I need, in the moment I need it?

What sensations and emotions are emerging for me right now?

What habitual emotional patterns am I recognizing in myself? And how are they affecting me?

How can I take more responsibility for these patterns to change them?

What makes my heart feel open and full? What practices help me not to close off?

Where can I give my care and compassion to most right now?


What to Become Aware of

We are merging spirit with mind and mind with spirit ~ the practical and the mysterious beyond becoming one living, breathing human being. All of the parts which make us up, so complex and connected and truly beyond comprehension, are surfacing, no longer as shadows but as active aspects of our chosen reality. This is a time to take full responsibility for how we feel, how we respond, what we’re creating and where we’re spending time. There are surely external factors which we don’t have control over ~ such as toxins in our environment, what someone else wants, paying taxes or government mandated bills that affect our freedom in decision making. However, what we do have control over is our emotional world and our responses under given circumstances. We are learning to hold our own. To hold ourselves accountable for how we show up, in our own strength and presence and perspective. We tend to care so much, way too much, about what others think of us ~ of how they may be judging us from all angles. But really, this overwhelming worry is a mirrored reflection of how we’re judging ourselves, not stepping forward in full worth and truth. This is a living stagnation of enormous self-doubt, so unnecessary, as we each have a purpose and perspective to glean that is as needed and right as our neighbors’s. Our undying strength blossoms out of the caring center of an expressive marriage between spirit and mind ~ a merging of all our aspects which births and radiates a presence, a steadiness, a truthfulness beyond story, beyond judgement. 

This Total Solar Eclipse New Moon power bring us a potent emergence of our unconscious realities ~ those stories and sensations which live, energetically, buried within the mind and body. We may be feeling hyper sensitive, soft, and self-aware. This is an impending point in time when we may show up for any self-created suffering with our cauldron of medicine and the fire of transformation to alchemize a new reality saturated in sweet healing. This alignment of Mama Moon + Papa Sun is offering us an opportunity to honor the habitual sensations arising in our lives which don’t exactly foster our highest well-being and authenticity. We’re offered a chance to peer into these patterns more clearly, and the true work is to not get stuck. The true work here is to just look at it, see it for what it is, honor it’s presence, and then finally choose differently. Choose to stay open. Choose to not get stuck. This is where we take real, full, honest responsibility. This is where we learn to walk in Beauty and ease. This is where we do our healing.

A Ritual to Practice: An Intentional Tonic 

A wonderful way to honor what is arising at this potent time, is through a ritual of intention in creating and consuming some sort of medicine to simply represent the transformation we seek. When we consume anything — be it food or drink or media — we can turn the act into a healing one by going into it with consciousness, rather than mindlessness just because it tastes good or feels good or is alluring. Consumption is so very intimate, and when we can begin steeping what goes into us with purpose, it becomes medicine, rather than empty matter.

  • For this ritual, create yourself a tonic ~ you can complicate it as much has you desire with any herbs or medicinal mushrooms you’re currently working with. Or you can keep it as beautifully simple as one herb or bag of tea steeped. Create a cup of only what you feel called to.
  • Then, take a few moments to sit with yourself and your tonic and set an intention, your hands cupped over the mug. You may say your intention or prayers aloud or just in your head to yourself. Ask for self-awareness. Ask for responsibility. Ask for transformation. 
  • Then consume in absolute gratitude + joy! 


* artwork is by @phibstuff

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