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» Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse on 7/16 in Capricorn «

full moon partial lunar eclipse in capricorn 7/16


» This July's Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse on 7/16 is in Capricorn «


Surrender is the natural release of grasping or resistance that arises when we have a full, tender, embodied presence. It’s this willingness to be with and say yes to what’s here — that releases the “controller”. It’s saying yes to what’s right here. It’s a leaning in. Letting go and letting be. —Tara Brach



Choice, exposure, willingness, boundaries, tenderness, materializing, individuality

Questions to Ask

Where do I feel that I am having to set boundaries right now?

In what ways do I find myself seeking or needing validation from others?

In what ways am I not currently knowing myself and seeing my worth enough?

What is my favorite way to make sense of my feelings?

How can I invite more tenderness and simplicity into my day today?

What does “manifestation” mean to me? And what does it feel like?

What does “surrender” mean to me? And what does it feel like?

What to Become Aware of

This month, I have been grappling with how to begin this letter, and how to put words to what we’re all experiencing…because words fall short ~ they are tender, and their exposure feels almost too sacred to share. During this eclipse season + on this night of an illuminated Moon, the stories within us all are merging back into a collective alignment which transcends judgment and is rooted in our unique truth. We are learning to set boundaries. We are remembering our center. We are remembering how to respond in authenticity, and learning to trust the worth of this personal perspective. We are feeling that we don’t have much left to give, as so much of our energy is being flooded into deeper truths, making the subconscious, conscious, and asking for our vulnerability. May our guidance at this time be shared through the feelings and sensations within us where clear imbalance resides. And may our balance be found again on the journey through our Essence, as the witness ~ as that silent, steady space within which simply perceives what unfolds without attachment, without control. This is an individual journey, ultimately flooding back into Source ~ into the collective, though it must first be accessed through the unique imprint of our own consciousness. 

We are being asked to flip the coin of manifestation on its head ~ to go from the side of control, to the side of surrender. There is an aspect of materializing our path which requires us to dream big…to visualize and generate a degree of desire to see whatever it may be come into reality. But just as importantly, there is an aspect of surrender which aids us in truly trusting Life, in releasing the grip, in humbling down to let thy will be done. This Moon is calling us to release, to clear, to show up aware and ready for what seeks to come through. We are taking responsibility for what we see. We are beginning to care less about how it all unfolds, and rather, care far more about it all coming through as Spirit wills it to. Tonight, we can see that we both have the power to dream specifics into being, as well as the power to keep an attentive flow in the great mysteries within whatever desires to be birthed. We are the vessel. We are the witness.

On this gorgeous Eclipse Moon, may we truly remember our Beauty beyond the story. May we show up for ourselves in gratitude for whatever we are going through. May whatever it is serve to awaken the greatest compassion + wisdom within. As Tara Brach says, may we see whatever comes up as feedback, never as failure. It is all here for our awakening. Individually, and ultimately, together…as One. 


* image is by @fermontoro

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