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A Letter to Young Girls

a letter to young girls moon & rock blog


This is for the girls who feel that they’re alone.

For the girls who are afraid of what’s to come.

For the girls who feel lost in their world. 

For the girls who aren’t yet sure of how to spread their wings, or even if they’ll ever be able to fly.

If there’s just one thing you take away from being alive this day, let it be this ::

You. Are. Everything.

You are everything good that you love and dream of and feel. You have dripped down from the stars, and that is where you will return, and this in-between time is so brief and condensed. Everyday you wake up is a miracle. Every breath is a blessing. I know your heart hurts sometimes. I know that there’s a lot you would change.

But find solace in remembering that such is the nature of our Universe :: Change. Expansion. Transformation. All that you experience, you have the power to use it to your advantage. You have the power to make it something new. Something that serves you. Something that expands you. Do not be afraid to change. Do not be afraid to grow. You are a cyclical, ever-evolving being, and anyone or anything that makes you feel shame for this…run fast away from. 

Stay curious. Question everything. Whatever doesn’t resonate, move on. Whatever does, explore more. Take everything you read or hear with a grain of salt, unless it is your own direct experience.

Seek experience rather than possessions. Avoid spending your money on the latest trendiest dress, but rather on real-life experiences that pull tightly at your heart strings.

You are not alone, because what makes you up, also makes up the stars. And your pet. And your best friend. And the foliage growing wild outside your home. And when you look up at the night sky, remember that the Universe isn’t looking down on you, but rather, that you yourself are the Universe peering into itself, via these human eyes.

And all that law of attraction dharma you read on social media…it’s not the definitive truth. It’s not going to make all your problems go away. What’s going to change your experience is your vulnerability. Your ability to feel your feelings. Deeply. Openly. Sensitively. The Universe isn’t here to give you what you want through your thoughts. It’s here to work with you through your actions. So show up for life, fully. And with humility. Move and act intentionally.

Don’t be too proud to pray. To whatever. Or whomever. Make your prayers a celebration, stepped with intention for healing, for clarity on your purpose, for surrender on your path.

You don’t need to live in fear of what’s to come, because you are an active and purposeful participant in creation. You spatter the canvas of your future with the colors which burst forth from your intuition. Because no matter what happens, your gratitude is your superpower ~ it transforms everything that hurts back into something that heals. Gratitude just to get to be alive another day.

In this epoch of social media, remember that what you see is. not. real. life. It is not real life. It is a facade of layers upon layers of an a human’s real work and purpose. So when it gets to you, stop tuning into it and rather, tune back into the rawness and the realness of true Beauty beyond societal standards. Beauty which illuminates from the creases in your mother’s face, telling stories of the late nights she stayed up comforting you as a kid. Beauty in the way that your hips are learning to curve, and your body expand, in ancient memory of the fluidity, the juiciness, the ambition of the feminine.

Honor your cyclicality. Discover excitement and meaning in your differences day to day. Avoid anything that tries to tell you how to feel optimal every single day. Because that is also not real life. Look to our Earth Mother, how she cycles through her seasons. How at times she’s hot and other times she’s cold. Sometimes she blossoms, sometimes she retreats. You were made that way, too.

Our Earth Mother is your sanctuary. Her generosity exudes the foods and medicines that you need. Her whole foods are your friends. They are your body’s true nourishment. That processed and packaged food that seems so easy and appealing…your body doesn’t know what to do with it. Eat seasonally. Eat locally. Eat organically. Don’t diet. Never count calories (numbers mean nothing). Focus on how you feel, rather than how you look. Drop all dogma around how you eat. Live in gratitude for it, giving thanks to and for everything you consume.

And no matter what your diet, eat reverently. Eat wholesomely and as close to our Mother as possible.

You don’t need to numb yourself with alcohol and drugs. You don’t need to overstimulate yourself with coffee. Your presence, your attention, is your greatest weapon. It is your creative life-force.

When your heart gets broken, get grateful, because it means that big space has just opened up for what is actually nurturing for you to come through. Trust me on this. What you truly seek is seeking you, too.

You don’t need a cabinet full of beauty products to heal your acne. Simplicity, and again, feeling your feelings, is key. You don’t need a face full of makeup to be beautiful. Your raw radiance is inspiring. You don’t need a pantry full of wellness products to be healthy. Again, whole foods are your friends.

Respect your elders. Spend time with those with life experience. Their perspective is invaluable. Honor your ancestors. Get curious on where you’ve come from and the truth behind their stories. Their magic has become so lost in this world. Make it your job to find it. 

And whatever you do, whatever your day or year or life ahead holds, remember that You Are Everything. You are held. You are guided. You are loved. You Are Love.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence. One cannot help but be in awe when (s)he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery each day.” — Einstein

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