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» Full Moon on 6/17 in Sagittarius «

full moon in sagittarius on 6/17 moon & rock


» This June's Full Moon on 6/17 is in Sagittarius «


The god of dirt
came up to me many times and said
so many wise and delectable things, I lay
on the grass listening 
to his dog voice,
crow voice,
frog voice; now,
he said, and now
and never once mentioned forever. —Mary Oliver 




Cleansing, brightening, intuitive, heated, transformative, authentic, ripe, intentional 

Questions to Ask

What elements of my authenticity are ripening at this time?

In what ways do I currently feel that I am not showing up in my authenticity?

What keeps me from doing so? What am I afraid of?

What currently needs to be cleansed from my life in these areas [[ things that may no longer serve my intentions ]] ::

  • Thoughts
  • Home
  • Obligations [[ whether work, social, etc ]]
  • Diet
  • Expenses

How adaptable do I feel right now? What helps me to feel more adaptable?

What may I celebrate the presence of in my life right now?


What to Become Aware of

This is our summer Strawberry, also called the Honey, Moon. [[ And did you know that a post-wedding honeymoon was named after this month’s fertile nature? Or so they say. ]] This is a juicy time in the Northern Hemisphere where we are entering into the abundance of summer (Solstice to come in just a few days!) and harvesting the goodness which our Mother Earth and Father Sun grew and charged up for us this past spring season. And as without, so within ~ As above, so below ~ We are synced to these rhythms in our own aspirations and creations. Personally, relationally, professionally, spiritually…this is our great time of ripening into authenticity. What is the truest nature about you, which desperately craves to come out? 

This Moon is our pivotal juncture of 2019 to celebrate what we have been growing within us as of late [[ whether this be energetically or literally ]]. What is it that is coming to fruition for you at this time? Give yourself the space tonight to look at it ~ It could be minuscule, or it could be massive. But whatever it may be, also give yourself permission to celebrate, for that is what Full Moons ask of us. Joyousness, excitement, inspiration, transformation. Let it all hang out. Let all of you ~ your unique authenticity ~ illuminate the space around you. Let it alchemize (transform) whatever is hindering you into something purposeful which serves you, nourishes you, and inspires those around you. This is our time to gather, devour, and share the abundance of our individual offerings.

In a world which highly values consistency and productivity over the cyclical and regenerative, dare to be a seasonal creature, grateful for and collaborative with the cycles of the natural world ~ always present, always purposeful in Her authenticity. Nature knows nothing but the Now. Nature is our teacher, our catalyst in ushering back into the current of the present. And under stress, Nature adapts. She doesn’t use the mental capacities that we do to conjure up desires about being one way or another. She’s not here to please you. She doesn’t reminisce on the past. Her adaptation is in her surrender, in the present, nothing more. We have so much to remember by turning back to Nature. On this sweet, Strawberry Full Moon, what a delicious time to do so, as these are undeniably turbulent times. We are living in the most complex, rapidly developing world this planet has seen, and none of us are immune to the stressors of it. How adaptable do we feel right now? What helps to keep us grounded and centered in our own work and relations? Rather than repressing or ignoring what hurts us, what scares us, what pains us most, may this moon illuminate it all, overcome us and ignite us with a regenerative passion, healing whatever areas of your life need a cleansing the most. 

Full Moons are also highly intuitive times, where dreams and pings may be unignorable. When our physical bodies, minds, and energetic bodies are cleansed, we are better able to listen, trust, and pursue what these sensations are bringing. Pare back in whatever ways you feel called. Simplify ~ your obligations, your diet, your home, your thoughts … whatever needs a refreshening, now is the time to clean.

A Ritual to Practice

Celebration Art

When we focus on what we are grateful for and what is working in our life, we magnify healthy, positive thinking. It’s an ongoing practice, and there is no better day than today to put it into action. Give yourself permission to create your Celebration Art and breathe as you take steps towards healthy, cleansed thinking.

Supplies ::

  • Paper + artsy writing supplies — watercolors, markers, crayons, pens, etc
  • Uplifting elements such as flowers, a cup of tea, essentials oils, music, candles, etc

Actions ::

  • Set up your workspace. Then cut or rip your paper into the desired size. On the center of your paper write “I am grateful for what is working”
  • Use your art supplies and get creative. Customize your own uplifting Celebration Art and let your unique expression flow
  • Place this mantra somewhere you’ll see it often to remind yourself of the power of your thoughts and your freedom to  choose your focus


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This book is not about teaching you how to work with the Moon in order to get what you want. Rather, it’s a gentle introduction to encourage you to use the Moon as a symbol in your life — a symbol with whatever meaning you decide. I am so honored to take this journey with you! :::

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