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ZERO WASTE Essentials

zero waste essentials moon and rock blog

I don’t know if it’s my baby coming through, or just the general collective waking up, but I'm feeling extra extra sensitive and aware these days as to how much f*cking plastic is contaminating our world. And not only the plastic, but all of the excess single-use items that take forever (or never) to break down. It truly breaks my heart. Google “great pacific garbage patch”, and you’ll feel what I mean. I’m not perfect, I still slip into using plastic somtimes, but every day I’m working towards creating the simplest, most low or zero waste lifestyle for my family as I’m able. Please join me. 

These are the few zero waste / low waste / minimalist items Evan and I always keep on hand.




STAINLESS STEEL STRAWS — ALWAYS keep these in your bag on the go, so that you never have an excuse to use a horrific plastic straw ever again. 


GLASS STRAWS — I don’t carry these in my bag, but these are the straws I like to use at home. I just love the look of the glass :-)


zero waste essentials moon and rock


BULK BAGS — I always keep these in my car, so that I never have to use those plastic bulk bags at the store. You’re lucky if your shop provides brown bags for you to fill bulk items in, but even so, it feels so much better to have no waste at all, and to fill all your needs in sweet little bags. I fill the contents into Mason Jars (see below), clean them out a bit, and then immediately put them back in my car so that I’m never without. 


MASON JARS — FOR ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. For drinking, eating, on the go, keeping extra food in the fridge, keeping food in the pantry … literally everything. A MUST. 


STAINLESS STEEL TO-GO CONTAINERS — I always keep one of these in my car for when I pick up lunch to go. Though if I know I’m going to be out, I tend to make lunch ahead of time, and I’ll put it in one of these! They’re also just so much more aesthetically pleasing than plastic tupperware.

zero waste essentials moon and rock

CUPPOW LID — For those hotter drinks or juices that require a little sippin’


HYDROFLASK — Always always always on me. I have multiple sizes, and usually navigate my days with a 64oz by my side.


KEEP CUP — For coffee, tea and tonics to-go!


zero waste essentials moon and rock blog

BAMBOO UTENSILS — So essential to always keep bamboo or stainless steel to-go utensils in your bag in order to avoid all the single use plastic utensils. I simply wash them off right after using. 


WOOD DISH SCRUBBER — I’m addicted to this dish scrubber. I quit sponges and solely use this. Love.


COPPER SCRUBBER — For scrubbing those pesky pans of stuck baked potatoes and things…


GLASS SPRAY BOTTLE — I always have a few of these lying around, with various alchemical mixtures inside. I make a mixture of distilled white vinegar, water, baking soda and essential oils to clean surfaces / I make an apple cider vinegar, water, and rosemary hair spray for the days that I don’t want to wash my hair fully but need a little freshening / I recently made an incredible hair detangler (Hawaiian sun is hard on the locks) of marshmallow root, apple cider vinegar, jojoba oil, and rosemary oil. These bottles work endlessly, so you can make your own home products and cut back on the plastic bottled store bought ones.

zero waste essentials moon and rock blog




DR. BRONNER'S SOAP BAR — I recently quit buying Bronner’s in the plastic bottles, and I’m not sure why I didn’t do this sooner!! Bronner’s soap bars are EVERYTHING for body, baby, and face washing. And they come in biodegradable paper wrapping, which is a bonus.


MEOW MEOW TWEET DEODORANT — The BEST zero waste organic deodorant, just reuse the little jar when you’re done. Super gentle and effective.

zero waste essentials moon and rock blog

MEOW MEOW TWEET SHAMPOO BAR — The BEST zero waste organic shampoo! Just a simple little bar.


STAINLESS STEEL RAZOR — Isn’t it horrific how much plastic razors contain / come in / require to maintain?? This stainless steel one is rad.

zero waste essentials moon and rock blog

DIVA CUP — For you ladies when you have your Moon. Ditch the toxic, plastic wrapped tampons and pads. Diva it up. My cup has lasted me nearly 5 years. I’ve decided to finally gift myself a new one after baby comes, and I’ll recycle the old.


PLASTIC-FREE HAIR TIES — The first truly plastic free and organic hair ties I’ve ever come across! THANK YOU.


And be sure to follow me on Instagram @meagan_moon for more zero / low waste inspiration ~~ 

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