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✧ New Moon Solar Eclipse on 8/11 in Leo ✧

new moon solar eclipse in Leo on 8/11

✧ This August's New Moon Solar Eclipse on 8/11 is in Leo 


Essences: Trust, connection, shadow, presence, balance, objectivity, passion, purpose


Questions to Ask: Where do I currently see that I am seeking for external validation?

Where is the need for this validation coming from? Does something feel unfulfilled in my life?

What unconscious thoughts may be arising, that leave me feeling weak or unworthy?

In what ways is my identity being transformed? What is changing the most in my life?

How do I feel about this change? Do I feel ready for it, or resistant to it? Why?

Am I striving to be overly positive? If so, how? Do I feel that I could allow myself to look more at my shadow (unconscious) side, too? If so, how?


What to Become Aware of: Our awareness is our everything. It is the anchor and the purpose of our being — simply to see, to witness, and to transform through the realization / remembrance of who we authentically, intuitively are. We need to bear witness now, without identification or those trippy head games we bring upon ourselves which sweep us into the chaotic rapids of the ego. Our conscious mind (represented by the Sun) and our unconscious mind (represented by the Moon) are in a divine dance at this New Moon Solar Eclipse — they are gifting us opportunities to really peer within to see if our conscious thoughts about ourselves are really, truly in alignment with our unconscious understanding. Meaning, are our actions aligned with our values? That’s also to say, are our actions aligned with our beliefs? And more importantly, what are our beliefs? Our beliefs about ourselves and about reality brew within our subconscious — they may be programmed by society, or they may be ingrained through direct experience. Tonight, the stars (or rather, the planets) are aligned in allowing us the energetic, safe space to open up and to see. We are being called to bring awareness to what it is that we subconsciously believe. We are carried safely under the shadow of our Moon. She is our guide.

The past few weeks of this eclipse season have been charged — emotionally intense, with a side of radically transformative change in prominent areas of our lives. Tonight, really take a good look at the change occurring both within and around you. Is this change challenging your identity — who you have always believed yourself to be? Are you afraid of this? And if so, why? What is there to hold onto? What good is that going to do? When we let go, and allow ourselves to enjoy the flow in the river of intuition (rather than battling in the rapids of the ego) we remember our purpose and our place here. We see how significant and desperately needed our transformations are. When we let go of who we think that we are, we are better able to remember who it is that we divinely are — what we intuitively know that we came here to do and to be. Through this awareness, this remembrance, we grow up. We mature. We show up wholesomely and authentically, and therefore our needs for external validation or praise are released. When we know that we are whole — in light and shadow, positivity and negativity, health and dis-ease — we soar.

This is our beginning. The seeds of intention that we plant tonight are the seeds that will sprout forth our grandest of manifestations in the coming year. This is huge. When we bring our simple awareness of alignment between our intuitive understanding (that we are whole, worthy, and loved) and our conscious / subconscious programming, we truly live our dreams. We live the dreams of the stars, of the cosmos, of Mother Earth and all of her creatures. We live as One. We live in Love.


A Ritual to Practice: A Meditation on Belief

1) Listen to this.

2) Do this guided mediation.

(Fyi, please disregard the warning at the beginning of this video that says pregnant women should not listen to binaural beats. Here’s why.)



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