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Winter is Coming: A Pickle Recipe


last Spring, my S-Life Mag women and me dreamed up these deliciously nutritious pickled radishes. fast forward to about two weeks ago, when I planted some French breakfast radishes in our Hawaiian garden — those babies pop up so fast, and are ready for harvest. perks of living in a perpetually wet rain forest: very fertile soil and never thirsty plants. 

fast forward to one week ago, when we similarly harvested 5 gallons of honey, and made a 3 gallon batch of coconut vinegar. the vinegar isn’t quite ready, so I’ll have to use ACV until it is, but the radishes and honey are going in . . . this time, Hawaiian style.

and as the Internet recalls me once writing . . . Egyptians were cultivating radishes before the great pyramids were even built. the Greeks and the Romans prepared them with honey and vinegar. radishes have similarly been cultivated in England, Germany, Mexico and Puerto Rico since the early 1500s as a delicious internal treatment for kidney stones, skin issues, and intestinal worms. all of this in thanks to their super high Vitamin C content, which helps to rebuild tissues and blood vessels, as well as fight off seasonal sickness, allergies, disease and inflammation. radishes are also super packed with folate, good fiber, potassium, riboflavin, copper, vitamin B6, magnesium, manganese, and calcium. seriously . . . what can't radishes do for you?

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