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Let's Let Go


we weren’t made to sit still for too long. we are human, after all! we must chop wood and carry water to provide for ourselves and the ones that we love! we were not made to remain stagnant to one place or one task for all too long, and I feel that this same truth must be applied to the thoughts that rummage through the mind. 

our energy is needed elsewhere! thoughts, just as everything else, are pure energy. the mind likes to trick itself into thinking that it’s some exception to the rule — like it can do anything that it pleases, with zero repercussion. but the rule is that there is zero exception as to what does and what does not have have an influence — it is all, and we are all, just one in the same ever-expanding energy creating reality. and so, that must be why we inherently know that we have to choose our thoughts super wisely! they are quite literally contributing to the expansion, or to the contraction, of all that is. our thoughts are making manifest what the eyes can see.

and so, what ARE we doing with our thoughts? how ARE we channeling our energy? what ARE the ways in which we “let go” of the things that don't feel so good? can we talk more about this, and about what we feel? can we encourage each other to do something with all that we carry inside? I’d like that very much! and that’s what I intend for this space to be — a space where we can come together to let go of our thoughts (by getting them out), so that we may create expansion, and avoid unnecessary contraction. let’s do something with all this inner-goodness! let’s remain connected, and let’s let go.

the best way that I know how to let go is not ONLY by sitting silently in a meditation — though that is an important part of my process. my letting go merely begins with that every day — when I stay a witness to every thought or sensation that comes and maybe goes. but then, as I go into the unfolding of the day, whatever has still remained I do my best to channel into the creation of something else. whether that be into the expansion of this company, or into the expansion of a relationship, or into the expansion of the potential strength in my body . . . I’ve gotta do something with it all! and so do you!

please don’t keep it all inside. make something out of what you think, right now, in this moment, by doing something that allows you to let it go. what's created from it is bound to be such Beauty!

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