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We Are Special

we are special // meagan moon

There are abundant miracles in the most unlikely places.

Life is creating and actualizing all around us, and how easily we forget. How easily we forget that we are inextricable essences of the plant and the animal kingdoms, of the cosmos, of the sea. We are special, because we are One — not because we are this species. We are special, because we are integral in this dance of self-realizing Love — of self-realizing God. We are not special in the framework that our individuality believes that we are, but we are special because the mana (prana, chi, life-force) of the Creator is embodied in the simple wonder of it all. 

We don’t have to travel much further than our own backyards to be still with the wonder Earth. A simple sprout, a snowfall, a rain, a flower, some vegetables, the bees, the trees. All of it is persistent — teeming with a thirst for life and absolute beauty. All of it is alchemy — the transformation of energy into wholesome, purposeful matter.

We are birthed from Mother Earth, and our passing body will melt back with her soils.

The nourishment that falls from the sky, is the same that falls from our eyes. Our blood runs as free and is as life giving as the stream. When planted in a promising place, we unfurl as breathlessly as the flower. Life is drawn to our nectar, as we become seamlessly of service with our presence.

You have the divine right to bloom. You have the right to feel a purposeful part of it all. You are destined to again discover your gorgeous self in the mirror of Mother Earth. You are allowed to step away from what hinders this meeting. You are destined to melt back into an intuitive conversion with the beauty that you see — most especially the small things.  

We are One, and we are here because we are loved by Love. Is there any greater occasion for celebration? Smile. Because You Are Love.


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