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✧ Full Moon on 3/1 in Virgo ✧

meagan moon message from the moon // Full Moon In Virgo 3/1

✧ This March's Full Moon is on 3/1 in Virgo 

"A shift of realms is taking place...anything you have defined in a limited way is open to transformation.
Perhaps you have seen this expanded version of reality in moments of extreme crises, strong emotions, plant medicine experiments, deep meditations, severe illness, or a near death experience.
After such moments all things look different, and the potential of all possibilities emerges.
That is because the 'assemblage points' of your reality have been shaken loose.
... consciously loosen your assemblage points and allow them to remain flexible. Take a quantum leap into the fluidity of unfixed beliefs and expanding realities. By flexibly choosing to move into the unknown, a complete and marvelous reordering of your world awaits you!"
~ Ariel Spilsbury + Michael Bryner 

Essences: Abundance, worth, loosening, aesthetic, purpose, nourishment, family, flow


Questions to Ask: Do I feel a balance between what I am giving and what I am receiving?

Do I feel worthy of abundance? In what ways am I not open to receiving it?

In what areas of my life can I loosen my assemblage points? How will this better serve me?

Am I afraid of working hard? Why or why not?

What does working hard mean to me? What does this look like in my unique life?

What nourishes me? 

How may I express more gratitude for my family + friends?

What practices ground me in a state of flow, rather than stress, throughout the day?


What to Become Aware of:

At the time of this bright Full Moon, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the family + friends who have raised, shaped, and shepherded me into the woman I am on this morning. I am softly feeling into the ways that I may express this gratitude to them more, not only so that they may they feel fulfilled by my love, but so that I may feel authentic and open in how I communicate my gratitude to the world. If we can’t start expressing with those we know best, then we may never start. I don’t want to keep anything inside. I want to connect. I want to celebrate. And I tell you all this in hopes that you may also take this time to feel deeply into the gratitude you have for your dearest family + friends. Send them a little letter. Give them a call. Tell them how much you love them, and the simple ways that they inspire you. We all have our hangups with the families we came into — when we grow up, break free, choose to make our own way … our differences become stark and our strong sense of self wants to be right. But we chose them. We are them. They are our teachers, and we are theirs. And how much more delicious and supportive does it feel to loosen up a bit (a lot a bit) and just celebrate each other for being alive?! We’re all trying our best here. And we all want to feel nourished and loved. So let’s make each other feel that way. Especially if that’s what we want to get in return.

Similarly, allow the time of this Full Moon to illuminate your balance between giving and receiving, as well as the work you’re putting into manifesting abundance. Do you feel that you’re putting out way more than you’re getting back? If so, how can you shake things up to make more of an effort to work smart, as well as work hard? Don’t be afraid to get a little strategic. Look at the most seamless ways in which you can be compensated for your efforts. And not just financially — but emotionally, spiritually, relationally… you are as worthy as anyone you know to receive the abundance you dream of. You dream it, because you are it. Begin to experience abundance as another aspect of yourself, and you’ll see how worthy you are. You will also begin to see how purposefully it shows up for you, in unexpected spaces.

Just watch it. Don’t force it. Do the work, but let it all go. Allow yourself to flow. And above all, stay grateful! 


A Ritual to Practice: Give.

Last night, I went onto Instagram only to discover that one of my current favorite accounts, The Small Folk (the most gentle family, who makes sustainable, fairy-land children’s toys) unexpectedly lost their dear little boy, Alby. My heart broke into a zillion bits. And I am speechless over the unimaginable heartbreak they are going through. It doesn’t seem fair. It doesn’t seem right. But it’s real. And I desperately want for us all to help in any way that we’re able. As your Full Moon practice, I ask that you give a few dollars (or much more if you feel called) to this beautiful family during their grieving. Absolutely anything during this time helps tremendously! Here is the link to their Go Fund Me, where you can donate to be a part of helping them come back to solid ground. Mahalo. x

 X. M


* Art is by Danielle Dee Winter ◌


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This book is not about teaching you how to work with the Moon in order to get what you want. Rather, it’s a gentle introduction to encourage you to use the Moon as a symbol in your life — a symbol with whatever meaning you decide. I am so honored to take this journey with you!   


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