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✧ New Moon + Partial Solar Eclipse In Aquarius 2/15 ✧

meagan moon message from the moon // New Moon + Partial Solar Eclipse In Aquarius 2/15

✧ This February's New Moon + Partial Solar Eclipse is on 2/15 in Aquarius 

Essences: Abundance, expansion, open, unfurl, confidence, presence, beginning, love


Questions to Ask: In what way (or ways) do I feel like I am beginning anew?

What difficulties or pain am I surrendering into during this New Moon?

What ares of my life need an expanded awareness?

Do I feel confident? Why, or why not?

What relationships currently need some mending, or heart opening?

How can I be more honest with others?

Am I living with abundance consciousness, or in a mindset of lack?

What to Be Aware of: If you’ve read my Intuitive Moon e-book, you’ll know how huge I am on surrender during the time of a New Moon! Of course there are many little moments throughout a day (such as sitting in traffic, or feeling really sick) when we may choose surrender, to enter back into a peaceful sense of “all is well and is a gift for my greatest good.” But New Moon nights are powerful opportunities for us to go deeper into the wider aspects of our lives that we may be unconsciously fighting against, or to see where we may be grappling for control. This New Moon + Partial Solar Eclipse is a time for us to focus on open hearts and an expanded awareness of what feels difficult. It’s a night to truly feel it in order to heal it — most especially when it comes to relationships! Allow this Moon to encourage you to witness the relationships that presently feel a little sticky, and why. Are you feeling easily irritated by someone you love? Are you feeling shy, and like you no longer want to share yourself with your community? Go deeper into the relationships that are causing you pain, and rather than feeling a need to find out why or come up with a solution, merely witness what has been transpiring. Transcend the pain by witnessing it as your gateway to freedom. 

This goes for everything else in life, as well. Keep your heart open, even though it’s been hurt. Keep your confidence up, even though you’ve been beaten down. Because inherently, you have no other choice — inherently, you are love and confidence itself, simply because you are of the same origin as everything in creation. You are as worthy and as beautiful and as strong as anything else you adore! Why wouldn’t you be?

Allow the dark of this night to ignite the brilliancy of your own inner light — allow this light to become reflected upon everything around you, mirroring back the unending support that your Universe provides. Bask in the abundance already around you! Remember that nothing at all is lacking — it’s just our mind’s desires that make us feel like we need much more. But we don’t. We have it all, in this blessed moment of breathing and being alive. We have everything that we need. And when we celebrate this, we become surrender. We crack wide open. We become true love.


A Ritual to Practice: Light Body Meditation

Find a cozy seat, light a candle in front of you and bless your space up with some palo santo or sage. Sit quietly and focus on your breath. Breathe deeply and consciously for however long you need. Feel the aliveness of your body — feel how miraculous it is to be alive, to be breathing. Send out ample gratitude for this precious moment. 

Then begin to imagine your body surrounded by the most brilliant, loving light. Allow it to infiltrate every pore of your being, and flood your body with health, vibrancy, and wisdom. Smile. Take note of how it feels to bathe in this light. What are the sentiments that come over you? How can you bring this into your day to day life?

Then begin to allow yourself to experience this light as being just another lovely aspect of you. Maybe when you began, you experienced this light as being something outside of yourself, that came to you from somewhere unknown. Maybe this is the case, but maybe it’s not. Experiment with allowing yourself to experience the light as having come from your inner-most, divine space. See it as an extension of the beauty that lives within you. Begin to imagine this light expanding across the globe, touching and healing everything and everyone that you love. Then imagine it expanding out of our atmosphere, into the cosmos and beyond. Bask in the beauty of your own brilliancy. Know that even on the darkest of nights, all is light, all is love, all is well.

X. M


* Art is by Audrey Bodisco ◌


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