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you have everything that you need // meagan moon blog


Working with our intuition is just about remembering that we have everything that we need. All the pieces of the puzzle are already available to us, if only we’d gift ourselves the space to remember, and curate our alchemical toolbox for making use of it all.

( I’ll soon be diving deep into the Alchemical Toolbox — what it is, what’s in it, and how to use it. So stay tuned for another day. )

Intuitive Alchemy is the art of transforming what feels painful, scary and lonely in our lives, into something purposeful, creative and connective — for ourselves, and for others. In order to do this, it is so essential that we allow ourselves to see that there is really nothing outside of ourselves that we need to cling to for healing or transformation. We must allow ourselves to see that our own energy field contains all the pieces — we just have to become aware of them, work with them, and be patient with them as they click back together. 

It is our divine duty to actively look at these pieces, and to do something with them. It is so easy to just wish energy and experiences away. But if we are experiencing it, it is not outside of us — it is an aspect of us. An aspect that we get to choose to make expansive use of, or rest in stagnancy with. Expansion is healing, and stagnancy is dis-ease. The Universe is pure love — it does not give us anything that we cannot handle. It does not give us fluff. Though chaotic, the Universe is very purposeful and helpful in what and how it presents things to us. We must allow ourselves to again understand that we are held, loved, carried and cared for by existence. Similarly, we owe it to ourselves to again remember that we are not disconnected or separate from existence — our truest true, our most inherent essence (of which I name intuition), is a beautiful and powerful aspect of the Creator, and of the power shaping and manifesting it all. Our intuition knows what It knows. We are one breath, one life, weaving our way again and again back into love. We are not alone.

We all have all that we need for the art of our own transformation. The trouble today is that it is so easy to feel like we don’t, as we are consistently bombarded by ads and information convincing us that it is going to be this miracle cream or that workout class or this person that or place that is going to make it all make sense again. These, however, are distractors. They are illusions. They are not the real thing. We have to redefine how it is that we work with illusions — allowing them to be a kind of alarm clock in waking us back up to what it is that we really need to do. And what we really need to do, is look within, where everything is already held. Illusions are not inherently bad, they are a part of the balance of it all — of our ability to know awake from asleep.

Working with our intuition is about waking ourselves back up to the reality of what our inner essence needs for us to do — not resting sleepily in what the outer world convinces. Transforming what feels scary, back into pure light, is the alchemy of manifesting your most vibrant life. And please know, that to do so, you have everything that you need.


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