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We Are Dreamed

we are dreamed moon & rock blog


Our Earth Mother created us. She dreamed us up, element by element and breath by magnificent breath. She continues to dream us up, season by restoring season. We were never banished from Eden, rather we choose the perspective of paradise we inhabit. We choose to engage in this relationship with our Mother respectfully, or with impiety. Her great mysteries are ours for receiving ~ she speaks in sweet tongues of pattern and sensation. There is no static place. She is not a place but an ever-evolving scenario of great Beauty and Grace. She is an ever-intelligent being of dreams, we quite the magnificent one ~ rare and precious and tender. We have the choice. Awaken. You were created from the depths of your own home. She is willing giving all that we need :: food, home, work, path, love. ✴︎

Enchanting art by sister Mystic Mamma ✴︎

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