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» Full Moon on 9/13-14 in Pisces :: Harvest Moon «

» This September's Full Moon on 9/13-14 is in Pisces « 



Presence, focus, intuition, attention, intention, intermittent, mystical, mission, vision


Questions to Ask

What tasks do I easily lose my Presence while doing?

What do I presently feel most overwhelmed by? What do I do when I feel this overwhelm?

How can I better work with overwhelm? How could I best alchemize (transform) it?

What creative pursuits or projects do I feel most drawn to at this time?

Is there a grander vision or project I and currently holding?

If so, what is one step I can take today to manifest it? What is one step I can take tomorrow?

What seasonal whole foods do I feel most drawn to at this time?

In what ways can I become more aware of where my food comes from?


What to Become Aware of

Don’t lose focus. Our great theme this Full Moon is One Step At A Time. Hold Presence and your grander vision amidst the minute details that catalyze its manifestation. Witness where you feel overwhelm, where you feel stuck, where you feel lost. Come back: remember that you aren’t stuck, you are never lost … these sensations are just callings to rise into a higher Awareness of any unhealthy habits which keep you spinning. Illuminate these habits with the creative, inspired and fluid nature of our Full Moon in Pisces. It is crucial this week to take space for ourselves ~ to reflect and reset in order not to get frazzled. Grand visions, wider missions, and shifts of improvement and process are coming through for us in on many levels. Many aspects of life are calling for our Attention to come into a balanced, discerning, and refined energy. Fluidity and adaptability are key. We are called to hold the heart of Presence in all tasks, balancing opposites in Grace.

This is a time to be mindful of not cutting corners ~ don’t take the short cuts, but commit to immersing yourSelf in the grit. Be the grit. Hold the vision. Stay watchful of not going too fast, nor too slow. Find your middle way. Stay mindful of what paralyzes (overwhelms) you. Come into your just-right relationship with your work … a joyful balance and flow in both the grit and the grandeur.

This is a good time to be assessing where we feel out of balance, and where we could use more discernment. Pisces, our sign of expanded creativity is pulling us into our intuitive depths ~ those spaces where good work and service and Art are birthed from. We cannot know these, and we cannot manifest them, if we don’t communicate with them frequently. This Moon is ripe to do so. Take time out for yourself to pause between tasks and projects. Don’t fill those voids. Just as the pause between two breaths…stay there. Let it Be without control. Let it be sweet. Let the silence of your voids be so loud, and so full, that they be the spaces you return to for manifestation. Return to the infinite opportunities which already live within you. You have all the elements you need. You have all the support you could dream ~ in this Reality and Beyond.

Hold extra Attention on anxieties that are arising ~ any sensations of restlessness, irritation, disproportion. Full Moons infuse us with added vitality and fertility. Keep the energy moving by moving…get outside to keep your blood pumping, limbs working, and thoughts calming. Use this as an opportunity to connect sweetly with your local environment ~ this is our great Harvest Moon, after all! A time to honor the abundance of Mother Earth by recognizing the time and energy expended over the last months to produce our food. A time to celebrate and give thanks for the delicious blessings which She gives so generously, so freely. The simpler, the better. Fruit from the tree, roots from the ground, herbs from the bush. All good medicine, ripening for our healing and living.

Above all, call upon your inner Intuition to guide you through this time of creativity and fluidity. Enjoy it! Celebrate and Smile!


A Ritual to Practice

Kitchen Altar

Bring honor and gratitude to Mother Earth for our true nutrition by setting out an altar of seasonal foods, flowers, herbs, and elements that inspire you. It can be so simple :: just set a small space in your kitchen to hold this gratitude whenever you pass by it. Let it be a cornerstone your eyes and heart return to whenever you’re near. Let it be a space where you can light a candle with prayer, intention, or gratitude. Let it be a space where you can display the beautiful colors of your produce. There is no right way to go about it. Let your Full Moon creativity flow! ~~

food altar


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