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» New Moon on 9/28 in Libra «

new moon in libra 9/28


» This September's New Moon on 9/28 is in Libra « 



Peaceful, collective, gracious, harmony, equilibrium, intelligence, genesis, certainty


Questions to Ask

In what ways am I dipping into extremes right now? In what areas of life? How can I come back into more balance with them?

What helps me to feel balanced in my body and mind?

What projects or experiences seem to be unfolding without much control needed on my part?

In what ways can I better focus my energy into what is working / supporting me, and release some of what is not?

Which relationships are giving graciously and honestly to me right now, without much asking for on my end? 

Which relationships do I feel inspired to give more graciously and honestly to right now? What is one thing I can do today to do so?


What to Become Aware of

A new cycle. A fresh genesis. An ending and a beginning uniting in harmony to support our cyclical growth. This is what New Moons bring us ~ an opportunity to honor the ending of one cycle, and welcome the beginning of another. New Moons are our darkest nights for rest, recalibration, and intuitive conversation. Life may feel huge, fast, and wholly out of our control these days. We are traveling in many different directions, being pulled from one responsibility to another, then through another, instantaneously throughout the day. And our work is not so much about going from task to task, but is more so about the sense of Presence and Balance we bring on the journey that determines the quality of our work and our manifesting ability. When we can give up control, and faithfully get in the flow of what’s working, we find much ease and equilibrium, less suffering and more accepting. Even if you’re not feeling particularity busy at this time, the same goes for feelings and emotions. We can experience extremes in all ways throughout the day ~ ecstatic highs to paralyzing lows. At this Moon, may we become acutely aware of when and why we dip into extremes. May we find our solid ground, our faithful heart within it all and rest easy right there.

This is also a time when we may be feeling the weight of the perspectives, ideals, and attitudes of those who love us, and of those who judge us. These are also extremes ~ perpetuating judgements for another’s journey, feeling attachment to it going one way or another. We do this to those we love, and they do it to us. Become very attuned to what it feels and sounds like when you create this story in other people, and when they are creating it in you. Don’t get too swept up in the story. We aren’t particularly meant to understand each other. But we are meant to accept each other, celebrate each other, and respect each other for where we’re at and what we’re choosing to create in this life. No judgement. No attachment. Just respect. May we honor personal evolution in its unexpected forms ~ encouraging one other to never stay the same…to keep blossoming…to keep questioning. May we find great inspiration in one another ~ keeping vulnerable and communicative about the qualities we see in one another that we wish to cultivate further within ourselves. In relationships, may celebration be our balanced foundation.

Libra is our sign of the scales, seeking out sustainable fixes to imbalances. Libra is our peace-maker and gracious heart. Embody these qualities ~ try them on as beautiful new clothes. We are complex beings, symbolizing an amalgamation of energies and qualities. Beyond external appearances, we are the Presence and Peace which holds them all. Truly, we are the Heart, the origin point, for all that manifests. But here, now, in this miraculous life and incarnation, we can play with identities and energies, choosing to hone in on ones which support whatever we seek to accomplish. Particular energies or identities can be tools to aid us in manifesting what wants to come through. Confidence, Kindness, Gentleness, Stability, Fearlessness, Creativity, Harmony…all good and helpful inspirations to tune into right now. Get inspired to let go of what’s not working by softening deeper into what is, regardless of ideals or attachments. At least for this week, hold extra Gratitude on whatever support is being given to you. What projects or experiences seem to be unfolding without much control on your part? What humans are giving graciously and honesty to you, without much asking for on your end? Hold your Attention here. Manifest in the flow of what is being given. Discover your neutral point in all experiences, in all facets of life. Again, this is not the time to get swept into extremes, but is the time to hold an Awareness of them and be the Balance. Balance is beautiful.

And speaking of the beautiful, focus on creating Beauty and Harmony in the environment around you this week. Organize. Release. Bring in new inspirations to reflect the changing of the seasons (as we just had equinox) and your inner Being. Find ways to curate sweeter peace in your external environment through harmonious colors, earthy scents, uplifting imagery or mantras, plants…definitely plants. Keep your space clean this week to invite in greater equilibrium and ease. Take the extra efforts to put things back where they belong, and if you don’t usually have a belonging place for your goods, create some. Let the things you own have their home ~ places they go back to when you’re not using them. This practice will help to keep your mind clear, and your space open, flowing, and…you guessed it…Balanced.


A Ritual to Practice

Connecting with Air Element Breath Work

In honor of our Moon in Air sign Libra, may we take some moments to connect with the Air element, recognizing its fundamental essence in our life experience. What is the most powerful way we interact with the Air element every day? Through our breath ~ our anchor, our guide, our giver of Life. For this Moon’s ritual, I highly encourage you to tune into sister Ashely Neese’s work with breath. Here is an excellent guide of hers with three different simple breath practices to work with today. If you enjoy it and want to go deeper, tune into her book How To Breathe.


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