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» Full Moon on 10/13 in Aries «

full moon in Aries on 10/13 moon & rock moon letters astrology


» This October's Full Moon on 10/13 is in Aries « 



Courage, function, action, discipline, celebration, stimulation, imagination, expansion


Questions to Ask

What projects or areas in my life are needing more practicality and functionality?

In what ways do I feel that I am giving my power away?

In what ways do I feel that I am taking the feelings, judgements, projections, or experiences of someone else personally? How can I release this belief?

Are there any people, or experiences, I feel are defining me in ways I don’t feel aligned with?

How can I take my story back into my own intentions? 

What outlets do I feel inspired to disperse my energy into at this time?


What to Become Aware of

Full Moons aid us in purging, in releasing, whatever is no longer needed for the healthful evolution of our reality. In the process, this can feel highly uncomfortable, but in the long run, it will feel highly healing and inspiring. Root in the Now, but don’t just live for this moment. Root in the Now, but hold your resiliency and vision for what you know to be beneficial long-term. Fruit does not ripen on the vine overnight. Healing does not happen in a breath. Practice your patience and muster your courage. Remember that you are not at all alone in your quest for truth and peace and vulnerability. We are all dreaming this world into being, doing the very best we know how with what we’ve got and with where we’re at. This Full Moon in Aries is illuminating our sharper, more eccentric and practical natures. The Divine Masculine is still embodied in even the softest of feminine forms. We are being reminded to honor our contributions and services…to celebrate ourselves for the unique efforts we bring to our relationships and communities. Drop the jealousy, abolish comparison. Those vibrations are distracting and floundering. They take us away from our gifts, when our real work needs to be on Creating. Focus back in what what you do, who you are, what you have to offer. Anchor your intentions there. This is also a helpful time to bring some grounded practicality into what you want to create...take those flying ideas and anchor them in some realistic structures. What aspects of the businesses you're involved in could use some fine-tuning in the realms of the Masculine?

At this Moon, avoid consuming so much of what other people are up to, and fixate back in on what you are really up to. If you don’t like where you’re at, change it up. Full Moons give us really good energy to make changes. Do something with the life-force flooding through you. You are supported and encouraged in your Creations. Make that art, have those conversations, throw those celebrations. We are being exposed and seen. We are vulnerable and raw. We are in this together.

This Moon similarly reminds us that no one is controlling our actions, though we so often fall under this false belief and give away so much precious power. Ultimately, no one can define or box in who they want for us to be. Anytime they do, they are perpetuating a story that they need to be true in order for their reality to make sense or feel safe. And we do this to others, however unconsciously, as well. But we are all autonomous, imaginative beings with the absolute power to take back our own story into our own hands and write those allegories as freely as we need. No one gets to do it for us. You create you. Let this Moon inspire you to nurture and comfort the aspects of yourSelf which make you feel expansive and celebratory. Let it inspire you not to take life so seriously. Pull out your Full Moon crazies. Stay curious and be adventurous.

This may also be a challenging time for our relationships, where we are seeing ways in which we need to set boundaries, stand up for ourselves, and again, take our power back into our own intentional energy and direct it in ways which nurture our creativity. Keep up your disciplines and practices which keep you centered, connected, rooted in yourSelf…to avoid becoming easily swayed by another’s story or storm. At times, we may be feeling way out of our comfort zones, maybe even attacked. But remember, that our triggers are the gateways to our healing, and someone else’s triggers are just windows into their unique life experience, rather than personal attacks. Don’t take anything personally. Take time this Moon to do things that majorly comfort you. Nurture yourself sweetly, though you may be feeling spikey. You have the freedom to choose.


* art is by Danielle Dee Winter 

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