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» New Moon on 8/30 in Virgo «

 new moon in virgo 8/30 moon & rock moon letter 

» This August's New Moon on 8/30 is in Virgo « 



Enchantment, expression, passion, patience, attention, creation, softening, energizing

Questions to Ask

What health-stuff is arising in my physicality that is calling for my attention?

What emotional-stuff is arising in my energy that is calling for my attention?

Have I had any vivid dreams in recent weeks? If so, what are their elements representing?

Do I have any creative dreams, something that I crave to create, at this time? If so, what is it?

Who or what can best support my execution of this creation right now? What do I need to do or ask for in order to help that happen?

What kinds of conversations, ideas, or creations are resonating with me most? What kinds are not?

What to Become Aware of

New Moons can be luscious calls to tune in to our physicality ~ to take note of what is arising in the body, how we are feeling, and how we are interacting with our environment. Are we interacting with our environment, or have we been acting just as passersby to the miracles occuring in the aliveness around us? This Moon is an opportunitiy to listen in and make adjustments where intuitions call. This is a time to tune in, tune out, slow down, and receive. Receive the intuitive pings coming through you. Receive your dreams ~ their meanings, the sensations they awaken within you, the ultimate joy or confusing fear they imbue. Receive without judgement, but in curiosity. Remain a witness. Stay curious about your own physical experience, without there always needing to be a story attached to it. Soften in. Receive your friends and your family and their habits and beliefs as necessary aspects of their own evolution, without needing to take on their pain yourself. Just be present. Be patient. Be in your own expression. Participate in your own freedom by actively creating a life in which you feel safe in your own skin and in which you remember your Beauty beyond your physicality.

This Moon is calling us to remain discerning about the kinds of conversations and media we are tuning into. Some will resonate, most won’t. This is a sensitive time, ripe with the just-right support we need to manifest what bubbles from within us. Now is not a time to get distracted by what our fellow humans are doing, creating, sharing, believing. Now is not a time to fill in the sensitive spaces of our awareness with the expectations of those traveling a different road. Even if it is just for these few New Moon days, only allow yourself to tune into the conversations and creations (be it with friends, family, books, social media, podcasts, etc) that deeply resonate with what your Spirit craves to create. Drink in this opportunity to be with yourSelf, and to dance with your Creativity.

New Moons are both our ending and our beginning of a new cycle (which can be seen just as in the menstrual cycle, in which New Moon is menstruation — the cycle begins over again as day 1 on the first day of bleeding — and Full Moon is ovulation). With Moon joining Mars, and Mercury and Venus close by, we have the cosmic support to plant highly intentional, heartening seeds for the positive change we’d like to see ~ personally, and globally. Remember, we heal the world when we heal ourselves, so may we send sweet awareness into our own patterns and creations, praying for our own evolution and passionate part in it all. May we each see our efforts as worthy, as alchemy. May we see our purpose and place in this mysterious scheme of things. May we remain courageous and optimistic in the midst of current disorder. May we embody the eye of the storm, the heart which holds steady in complexity and eternally returns all back to Love.


* image is from the ever mystical sister @theacientgemstone

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