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An Infusion for Your Luteal Phase ~

an infusion for your luteal phase moon & rock blog


An infusion for your Luteal Phase ~

The week in which you, day by day, emerge deeper into the dream state where re-evaluation, re-organization, and reflection opens up ::

2 parts Oatstraw, 1 part Red Clover, 1 part Hibiscus Flowers

Infusions are quite different than teas, as they are steeped longer in order to extract essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids from the herbs. Infuse these lovelies together in a 1/2 gallon mason jar (shown here) with just-before-boiling water. Let that sit for 4-6 hours minimum. Drink that during your Luteal days instead of (or alongside) water ~

During this week, these three will bring ease to any arising anxiety, harmony to dips in hormones, and juicy fluidity to the womb ❁


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