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Top 5 Habits For Clear Skin

top habits for clear skin

image is by Natalie Karpushenko

One. Inner contemplation

Where it all begins, welcoming and witnessing the deeper layers of our subtle being — dismantling belief systems that keep us in fear, releasing attachment to outcomes, consciously choosing bliss over stress, remembering our origins as pure, and perfect, and purposeful and nameless beyond any external appearance. Our mission is really to remind you that you are a field of pure presence beyond whatever is manifesting in or on your body or in your life at this time. This remembrance creates ripple effects out into the dimension of physical form, to transform and regenerate stagnancy into vibrancy. With healing painful skin conditions, nothing can sustainably get better until we begin here.


Two. Focus on the epidermal microbiome

Nourishing our skin externally with a special focus on recalibrating the 3 layers of the skin is so transformative — we have the epidermis, the dermis, and the subcutaneous fat layer. It’s natural and easy to want to focus solely on scrubbing away at the epidermal layer and using harsh chemicals to dry it out. This would temporarily bring relief by making the skin feel tighter and drier, but in the long run, it always lead to even more breakouts or inflammation. And that’s because using harsh exfoliants and chemicals to strip away p.acnes bacteria completely strips our epidermal microbiome. Continuously using these products is like endless rounds of antibiotics for the skin. We have to re-learn what it means to nourish the epidermal microbiome tenderly, and simply. The products we create at Moon + Rock are my personal years of research and experimentation in doing so.


Three. Ancestral nutrition for hormone + blood sugar stability

There are many diet philosophies for healing skin conditions, and we each need to find the one that fits in our unique bodies. It can take experimentation and time, however we feel that there are some non-negotiables for skin health when it comes to diet, one of the most important being the inclusion of fat-soluble vitamins, especially vitamin A (aka retinol). We cannot get fat-soluble vitamin A or convert plant vitamin A (aka carotene) into retinol. We can also get plenty of nourishing fats and omegas from sources like olive oil, egg yolks, grass fed butter, and fish oil. A higher carb and lower fat diet is not sustainable for most women in the long run, as it can really set off hormonal balance, feed pathogenic gut bacteria, and set us on a blood sugar roller coaster. Following an ancestral diet focused on gut health and lots of wholesome fats is a great way to keep skin clear.


Four. Nature immersion

Sinking into the embrace of Mother Nature brings immediate consolation to all of our senses. It is here where we easily remember our origins as absolute beauty and as essential aspects of the wider web of life. Time in nature for play or prayer or rest can be our greatest inspiration and consolation. Personally, my skin really began to heal when I got myself out into Earth’s organic elements, to be caressed and cared for by all that she gives so freely.


Five. Honoring our sensitivities

In such a fast paced world, we must re-learn how to honor our sensitive natures, meaning, our system’s reactions to stimulating influences like artificial light, certain types of music, certain types of media, certain personalities, particular topics, particular places, etc. Through inner contemplation we can come to understand how quickly we are altered by these influences and how they affect our mental health as well as physical health. By honoring our sensitivities (meaning, learning to say no or to stick up for ourselves or to set boundaries) we continuously fine tune our nervous systems to handle stress and live our truth, which is what ultimately manifests balanced hormones and clear skin.

What are a few essential habits that you have found to help your skin? Share with our community in the comments below so that we may all benefits from each other’s held wisdom. Many blessings to you all. Nourish yourself tenderly today.
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