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» New Moon on 7/20 in Cancer «

new moon in cancer July 2020 astrology moon + rock


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» This July's NEW Moon on 7/20 is in Cancer « 

July 20 10:33am PST / 1:33pm EST / 5:33pm GMT

July 21 3:33am AEST 

⊹   ⊹   ⊹


Rest, reception, integration, mothering, ushering, supportive, development, realignment, attention


Questions to Ask

What past comforts (beliefs, habits, burdens) am I releasing?

What new roads do I wish to forge for myself? I.e. what do I wish to contribute my energy + resources to in the coming 3-6 months?

What important areas of life have I recently neglected that now need my attention?

Do I have any new interests arising right now? If so, who or what can I learn from?

How can I mother myself at this time? Where do I need deeper nurturing?

How do I wish to wish to show up in the world? Describe what that looks like in 5 words.


What to Become Aware of

Cultural programming asks us to keep forging on without reflection. It asks us to push harder, stand stronger, submit, repress, don’t ask. It ingrains this belief in the psyche that if we take the time for rest, or for inner reflection, or to ask the questions, or to break off the communal beliefs, then we will become irrelevant or lose love and acceptance. 

When in truth, in the reality of Spirit, when we rebalance our hard work (our necessary and purposeful work though it may be trying) with rest, reflection and contemplation, we taste and take in the resiliency of existence. When we continuously rebalance our tender systems and psyches, we continuously become the panacea we seek. We become the very essence of what cultural programming would wish us to believe is outside of ourselves. In the reality of Spirit, it is always, always within ourselves, beating and churning and burning with a furious passion to be recognized in it’s all-astounding Mystery.

At this nurturing New Moon in Cancer, we are supported in releasing what is no longer resonant with what we have come to know we need to contribute new energy and resources to. Uncomfortable though it may be, we are leaving the cocoon — the false cocoon — of cultural programming. We are each making new ways for ourselves, carving new paths, and creating new Beauty everywhere we grace.

We are meeting new obstacles that the conditioned mind couldn’t have even conceived of when it was deep asleep. Whether steadily over time, or by the shaking of a rude activation, the inner shifts we are each making are building a new dream, conceiving a new culture that we can trust will generate positive ripple effects through time and space, generation to generation to come.

Patience and adaptability are important values to hold these days, values that rest and reflection can instill in our nervous systems so that we may enter back into our work with the strength of Spirit as our guide.

We must be intensely kind and generous to ourselves this week. We must come home to ourselves, Now. Not home in a place, or in another person, or in any thing…but home within the tender Heart of our own field of Presence.

It is here where we find our place and our purpose.

It is here where we bravely and delightfully drop all that does not foster the stimulation of our inner Awakening. It is here where we give birth to ourselves as the Self we know this world, and our future generations, presently needs. 

There is great work to be done, but not today. Today, we rest. Today, we reflect. And today, we honor and listen as the voice of Spirit within each of us links us and guides us onto new horizons.

We are all in this together. If this time leaves you feeling low or alone, reach out. Reach out to a loved one, a friend, a family member, even to a stranger who you sense could relate. Connection is a breath away for us to realize that our experiences are valid and shared world wide.


A Ritual to Practice

Answer the above Questions to Ask ☾ carve out a very restful and sacred space for yourself to sink in.

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