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» Full Moon on 8/3 in Aquarius «

 full moon in Aquarius 8/3 astrology moon + rock

art is is from @herwildwellness

» This August's FULL Moon on 8/3 is in Aquarius « 

August 3 8:58am PST / 11:58am EST / 3:58pm GMT

August 4 3:58pm AEST 

⊹   ⊹   ⊹



Visioning, planning, opening, illumination, possibility, presence, receptivity, growing up


Questions to Ask

What is my 6 month vision? *Outline a few visions for the following areas of life: Business + Work / Relationships / Health / Home / Personal Development / Recreation / Service

What feels stagnant right now? What steps can I take this week to create a sense of opening in that area of life?

Who do I feel supported + seen by right now? How can I reciprocate this appreciation back to them?

What is one thing I feel clear on? (Examples: My dedication to my partner / That I am going to have finished my art piece by November / That I am going to invest a minimum of $50 a month into my savings account)


What to Become Aware of

This is an energy of personal clarity, a micro focus on the necessary growth spots of our own lives.

This is a receptivity to the information that the present moment holds as our guide for the growth to bloom in 2021.

The corners of our lives where we have felt stagnant, scared, challenged and triggered are the corners that this Moon will illuminate with new light so that we may see where the dust has settled, and so that we may know where and how to clean house. To wash ourselves anew with the cleansing waters of Aquarius’s vessel.

The creative energy opening for us in the coming six months will not allow for us to play small. It will not allow for us to jump from path to path. It needs for us to summon clarity and focus, to carve a clear way forward, and to courageously state where it is that we are going and what it is that we are worthy of.

We are leveling up into a reality of higher worth here. What we use to believe was necessary in order to just get by may have become a real hindrance and source of stagnancy for the growth of our soul mission. Beneath what it requires to simply keep ourselves going is a radiant spirit animating a personal purpose and a uniquely creative imprint. This spirit doesn’t know what it means to play small. It forever lives in the space of pure potentiality, of infinite possibility, and it manifests beauty through us even when we’re not fully aware of it. This visionary Aquarius FULL MOON illuminates for us the areas in which we let ourselves forget that animating spirit, and calls us back into a grateful relationship with the power of CHOICE.

With the reality of infinite creative possibility, we need to choose way — our way, the way that takes us to where we know we need go. There is big personal empowerment in creating a vision, making a plan, sticking to it, and see it through. The energies of this FULL MOON are opening a door to what we are going to see play out on the micro scale of our personal lives from today and into January 2021. It will be super helpful to make ourselves a 6 month plan right now — to jot down clear goals, visions, and intentions for where we want to be and what we want to see in these 6 months. We need to make these things tangible in order to our psyches to know that they are possible.

All the while, evolutionary Aquarius reminds us that there is always a BIGGER picture at play, that patience and persistence are two of our greatest allies, and that the new reality we know we need is truly forming within us all but that it will take time to manifest in this denser collective reality. We each do our parts day by day.

We are to find our liberation in the comfort of the present moment — of welcoming and honoring the TRUTH of the information being presented to us. To hold our CLARITY. To embody our personal path. To UPLIFT one another and be like a FULL MOON mirror for one another’s infinite beauty and WORTH. 

A Ritual to Practice

Find someone you wish to uplift today and say to them, “Thank you for being you. I love X Y and Z about you. You are worthy and I love you for exactly who you are in the world!”

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