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» New Moon Solar Eclipse + SUMMER SOLSTICE on 6/20-21 in Cancer «

» This June's New Moon Solar Eclipse + Summer Solstice on 6/20-21 is in Cancer « 

June 20 11:41pm PST

June 21 2:41am EST / 6:41am GMT / 4:41pm AEST 

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Self compassion, belonging, boundaries, heart, reception, development, tenderness, nourishment, celebration


Questions to Ask

What does self-love look like for me on a practical basis?

When I love myself unconditionally, how do I wake up? How do I go to sleep?

Do I speak up for myself when I feel I am being treated in ways that I do not deserve? If not, what keeps me from doing so?

What boundaries do I need to set in my life in order to embody more self respect?

When was the last time I felt most beautiful, powerful, and worthy?

What is my favorite way to connect with Self? 

What is my truth today?


What to Become Aware of

There is so much that can be said about self love. Self love as our first form of resilience and resistance. There are so many avenues through which we can find it and integrate it into our practicalities. But what every avenue and every story breaks down into, is the simple choice of remembering our worth, or questioning our worth. With the current chaos and confusion happening to us and all around us, we are each being confronted with how well we may or may not be holding the memory of our own worth, value, purpose and place in the wider web of things.

We each hold a role. Knowing this role can only be discovered within the sacred heart of your own inner reflections. And an ultimate manifestation of self love looks like owning this role by not allowing the world to tell us how or who we need to be — how to show up or what to offer — because we so intimately and unshakably know that our intentions are good and our worth cannot be tainted by the projections, perspectives, or desires of others.

Who you are and what you have to offer is different than anyone else. We need you to own your contribution, and the wonderful ways that you process your world.

This unusually potent New Moon + Eclipse + Solstice arrival is a wonderfully supportive time to remember and to worship the Self within — the steady heart, the eye of the storm, the unconditionally kind spirit animating our lives. When we find our love for Self, we find our love for All.

We are now called to create our own sense of belonging. We are called to celebrate what is precious and good. We are called to welcome gratitude and joy as a bright beacon of change.

Major themes of ancestry and matrilineal healing are weaving through this Eclipse + New Moon. Patterns that have trickled through the more recent generations of women in our lines may be amplified at this time. We may easily be able to see patterns we have inherited and which don’t serve or align with manifesting big self love in our day to day lives. We can now easily look at the thoughts, relationships, habits or experiences that don’t leave us feeling safe in our own bodies. The experiences which zap the nervous system and leave us feeling unsettled or unfulfilled (like business is not finished) are the spaces where we are invited to stick up for ourselves and to set clearer boundaries. Sometimes, self love looks like setting boundaries. Sometimes, self love looks like saying no. Our nervous systems and our wombs let us know when they don’t feel that a relationship or experience is reciprocal — meaning, mutually beneficial and respectful. Keep a close sensitivity to this.

This is passionately personal and private time for each of us. How we feel about what is going on, how we act or react to what is going on, and how we process what is going on need never make sense or look neatly packaged for anyone, ever. At this time, we must allow ourselves to hold our processes close. To remember our worth, to know our roles, to practice our purpose in the intimacy of our own heart spaces. Just as a child developing in the mother's womb, so does our self love require time and space to strengthen itself within us. May we trust what comes through. May we be curious to receive. May we honor our own tenderness and may today be the day when we conceive unshakable self love that beams as the Solstice rays reinvigorating all the Earth for a vibrant new season of living.


Solstice Rituals to Practice

We have rounded the Wheel of the Year again to welcome in the summer Sun! In the Northern Hemisphere, Summer Solstice is upon us for ritual and celebration of the coming of the light. After the darkness and introversion of winter, Life offers new hope, the light of a new day, the alchemical force of fire to renew us and infuse us with fresh life force. We are rising!

Here are some simple Solstice ideas you can tend to in the comfort of your own homes and lands ~


In symbolic honor of the transformational power of fire, we can build a backyard bonfire to gather round and celebrate. Feel the warmth. Feel the force. A fun ritual is to write intentions for what you want to let go of on a piece of paper, and throw it into the fire to be burned away. If a bonfire isn’t an option, creating a simple fire altar in your own home with some candles is beautiful too. A fun element to add to your fire altar is to burn a beloved plant ally (like cedar, copal, sage, lavender, rosemary, palo santo) and allow their smoke to carry your prayers and intentions into the ethers, to be heard and honored by the wide web of Life.


Create + recognize the Beauty both within and without, by curating a simple Sun mandala. Gather local summer elements like leaves, herbs, flowers, sticks, and stones to weave together a prayer of gratitude for this seasonal renewal (both within us, and in the environment around us).


Add some of your favorite herbs to a jar, fill with fresh water, and set out in the sun for a few hours to infuse! This is a wonderfully literal way to bring the power of the sun into our cells!


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