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» New Moon on 5/22 in Gemini «

hilma af klint rainbow duality
art is Hilma Af Klint

» This May's New Moon on 5/22 is in Gemini « 

May 22 10:38am PST / 1:38pm EST / 5:38pm GMT

May 23 3:38am AEST 

⊹   ⊹   ⊹



Reflection, integration, preparation, change, renewal, alignment, patience, liberation


Questions to Ask

❖ What is my favorite way to self-reflect? How could I carve out more space for myself to do that this week?

❖ What areas of life are calling for a change, a shift, or a renewal? How do I feel inspired to begin to make these shifts?

❖ What areas of life could I exercise more patience in?

 What does patience for the long-term process feel like for me? What helps me sink into that sensation?

 When in the past have I needed to welcome change, and experienced positive transformation (no matter how slight) as a result? (Reflect upon this time to bring a memory association of your strength and patience into your neural network)

 Have I had any poignant or memorable dreams this week? If so, what do they feel like they are telling me? What insights can I gather from this subconscious space?


What to Become Aware of

The mantra needed to guide our personal processes this week is :: My intention is pure, my word is good, and I trust the insights gathered from within the sacred temple of my own inner reflection.

This is a poignant time of balancing between the duplicities of what makes life here so interesting. Being human, we daily dance between these dichotomies of what our psyches tell us and what our hearts tell us; between what the external world tells us and what our internal world tells us; between present practicalities and long-term dreams. We are juggling both sides of what is needed, and what is possible, through these two avenues, which are often contrasting.

But here’s where it can get simple: we can know the starting point of our journey to clarity by tuning in directly with our own inner experience, and letting all else that wants to come through to stem off directly from there. If we begin outside of ourselves, we aren’t living our personal authenticity. If we being outside of ourselves, that’s how we know that programming and conditioning and motives beyond our control are what are pulling the strings of our decision making and desires. But if we begin inside of ourselves, within the silent, tender temple of our personal authenticity, then we can trust our ability to navigate any psyche programming or mental looping from the purest place in the universe. New Moons are always a reminder that we can trust ourselves. The sensations and inclinations and insights we gather subtly in our bodies before words can even be put to them…this is what New Moons call for us to sink into. This is where we liberate ourselves. This is where we make sense of our world. This is where we birth ourselves from.

Now may be a time when certain shifts, changes, and transformations are making themselves clear and asking for our awareness, but not necessarily our action. This New Moon is where we sit and gather our strength before we move into action. We can give ourselves the space to just listen. This is where we tend to our preparations for the big actions we need to take in the coming months.

To take big action can bring up a good amount of uncertainty and doubt. We need to get ourselves grounded and faithful. To take big action to make change happen can have us looking at all angles for differing perspectives, hoping we’ll just be given the answer. The hardest part of welcoming change is often the inner courage it requires us to muster up to actually make a move. The opposite is stagnancy — when we stop ourselves before the gate of courage, standing shaky with the keys in hand, unable quite yet to liberate ourselves into the fields of beauty beyond its rusty bars. During the inner reflection of this dark Moon, we are liberating ourselves onward. We are breathing in the courage to inquire first within, to make decisions first based upon our own inner insights, and we are trusting that the fields that this leads us to hold the very support and nourishment we uniquely need to fulfill our purposes and spirit dreams. 

New possibilities are presenting themselves to us around every corner, subtly but definitely. This can manifest as feeling restless and impatient, but during this New Moon, we are given the support to re-define our relationship with time, and channel restless energy into inner hibernation, like the Moon herself. There will be a time to make bigger moves. Patience and faithfulness are our guides these days. Divine timing will have her way, our job is to keep on receiving. One step at a time, we are destined to enjoy the dance of our lives by remembering that our intentions are pure, our words are good, and that we trust the insights gathered from within the sacred temple of our own inner reflection. One step at a time, the beauty beyond always awaits. 


A Ritual to Practice

May we all meet each ourSelves, and each other, in this chillingly beautiful meditation + visualization from our fairy sister Caroline, channeled specifically for this New Moon ✼ 

Carve out some sacred space + time for yourself to ground. Then head here to sink in + listen.

⊹   ⊹   ⊹

To listen to the audio version of this Moon letter, push play here

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