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⚘ Beltane Blessings ⚘

what is Beltane blessings moon + rock blog

 The light of hope. The fire of renewal. The dawning of a new age. Our Celt ancestors celebrated this precious day in ceremony to worship, offer, and co-create collective protection and fertility.

⚘ This is a day of great warmth and abundance. Gratitude as our guide. Support as our inheritance, from beings and elements both here and beyond.

⚘ This is a day to bring in a recognition of the forces of fertility and devotion to the loving evolution of this planet. Beyond the limits of our time-space continuum, we can celebrate and have faith that all is transpiring in original love. It is safe to surrender to transformation, to the burning away of what is no longer needed.

 It is our great assignment today to consciously side with the compassion of eternity. To light fire to the lies and illusions of power which have kept us locked out of the temple of our own transcendent truth. Today, we remember that we hold the keys. We’ve had them all along. Today, we can walk through golden doors of harmony and unity. We are all walking together.

 Today, just as the coming of spring, we are rebirthed from the womb of the Great Mother. Completely adored. Completely supported. Completely renewed.

 Wherever you may be today, and of whatever ancestral lineage you stem from in this lifetime, may you take a moment today to celebrate the sheer pleasure of being embodied on this abundant, resilient, perfect planet of ours! Transformation is your birthright. Joy is your true nature.

Beltane Blessings ♡ Meagan

what is Beltane moon + rock

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