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» New Moon on 4/22 in Taurus «

new moon in taurus 4/22 2020 moon + rock moon letters
art is from @somos.otempo

» This April's New Moon on 4/22 is in Taurus « 

April 22 7:25pm PST / 10:25pm EST

April 23 2:25am GMT / 12:25pm AEST 

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Stillness, acceptance, rebelliousness, inner-authority, commitment, value, advantage, communication, breath


Questions to Ask

Where am I presently experiencing discomfort? What personal responsibility can I take to help shift this?

What are my responses, or reactions to others feeling / looking like? Are these responses supporting creative communication, or are they perpetuating painful patterns? How can I shift this?

What is my relationship with my daily responsibilities? Do I feel a joy around them, or a dread? How can I shift this?

In what ways do I presently feel powerless? In what (even subtle) ways can I take personal responsibility to shift this?

What reminds of how to properly breathe?

What does it feel like to be my own light?


What to Become Aware of

Our abilities to just be, and breathe, and commit to less attachment to outcomes are being tested for stability under the shadowy influence of this New Moon in Taurus. Can we promise to ourselves that we will continuously pull from the wellspring of our own inner joy, no matter the reactions of others? Can we commit to identifying more with our witnessing consciousness, our prayer-full essence, than with external circumstance? This begins with acceptance. Now is the time for personal, inner authority. Be your own light.

We each hold visions for the future, on micro and macro scales, and at this time, we are supported to take inventory of how our actions and intentions may or may not be aligning with these grander visions. We are asked to consciously marry our inner masculine and feminine qualities, finding a stability between work and nurturance, between clarity and subtlety. Are the ways we are responding to others supporting our relational desires? Or could our responses be perpetuating painful patterns? Are the ways we approach our responsibilities supporting what we want to manifest through them? Or could they be perpetuating a sense of victimhood? New Moons are pivotal points in the cycle of the month to remind us of how much power we carry within us — in our emotional and ethereal bodies. When complete darkness blankets the sky this time each month, we are more clearly made aware of our ability to look within or saving, rather than outside of ourselves. Here, we become our guidance, light, and love.

Through this monthly journey, and through the way the cosmos are currently aligned, and especially through the restrictions on freedom currently placed on us by governments, we may be left feeling stuck or trapped or tangled up in lives that aren’t even our own. Many of us are living in circumstances and on schedules of people or establishments that don’t — and can’t — know what it is that we personally need in order to be in best health. We have lost so many civil and sovereign liberties in recent weeks, and it is perfectly normal and rational to feel anger, resentment, despair, and a need to be saved right now. But do not repress these feelings. At this New Moon, we are called to express them wisely. Communicate consciously. The only way out is through. We are called to move through these sensations, on the daily, with acceptance (seeing them exactly as they are), gratitude (what are they here to show me?), forgiveness (newfound compassion, empathy, patience), and impetus (as a catalyst for taking back personal responsibility, purpose, and joy). This creates powerful new understanding of what is actually, sustainably important for us in our lives, and what it is that is really going to keep us empowered. This process of acceptance to impetus helps us to see things differently — to peel back to curtain of illusion — to know the infinite universe of possibility that undulates underneath all this vulnerable societal stuff. We can use this time to really know what is best for us, on the micro and macro levels, and take the initiative (to take advantage) to align our actions and intentions with our grander visions.


A Ritual

A Reading for Us All 

I know that I reference The Moon Deck in these posts a lot, but I really cannot recommend the wisdom and artistry within this beautiful oracle deck enough! I was pulling a card for myself this morning, and thought I’d go ahead and pull three cards (representing past, present, and future) for us all! Here they were. I would love to know if they resonated with you at this time. It sure did for me!

new moon in taurus 2020 ritual to practice moon + rock

PAST (revealing recent history) — I focus on what is working :: Emotions and thoughts are powerful. They can pull us in every direction if we’re not aware of their strength. When we pay attention, we affirm our ability to consciously direct them. In any moment we can choose to make a positive shift and uplift our perspective. Focus on what is working in your life. Total harmony in the body is greatly dependent on the balance in the mind.

PRESENT (bringing the current to light)— With a steady mind I am connected to our collective experience :: Like a pebble tossed into a pond, our thoughts and actions create a ripple effect throughout the world. Everything from the mundane to the mystical is an opportunity to recognize the fundamental wholeness and interconnectedness of all beings everywhere. In honor of your own happiness and the imprint left on the collective experience at large, a steady healthy mind is a powerful tool. There is a unifying force that runs through us, especially when we heal our hearts and mature our egos.

FUTURE (a glimpse into what’s coming) — I meet resistance with kindness :: Resistance is often a sign that change is happening, or wants to happen. Whether we actively call it into our life or its current sweeps us under, change can sometimes feel uncomfortable. If you’ve hit a wall of resistance, know that this is not the time to quit. This is a powerful moment that is asking you to grow. Breathe, relax, and remain centered; the other side is right there. You are a brave beauty and can meet resistance with kindness.

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