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To Care For the World is to Care For Ourselves

To care for the world is to care for ourselves as essential and powerful authors of history. To wish healing and light upon our planet begins in the simple actions and thoughts we carry through what we do. We each have a duty today to choose our thoughts and actions wisely — to live in awareness of the repercussions of our reactions. We each have a duty today to infuse our luminous love and prayers for peace into the most mundane tasks in our lives.

Our prayers for peace begin within our own embodiment of what we want to see. And even just a few minutes spent out in the natural world — away form the chaos and fearful energy of our societies and cities — can literally instill this peace back into our bones. Getting out to be in conversation with the natural world is an activation in the spaces of our minds we don’t often allow open.

This opening is a spiral into remembering our place here, with the ability to live in harmony, integrity, and to choose a consciousness of interdependence over competition and division. The songs of birds, the rush of the wind, a drink of cool water, the warmth of a fire…all these simple messages remind us of what really matters, and are a promise that all will be taken care of.

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