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» Full Moon on 3/9 in Virgo «


∵ art is by  @lunarlilt

» This March's Full Moon on 3/9 is in Virgo « 

March 9 10:48am PST / 1:48pm EST / 6:48pm GMT

March 10 5:48am AEST



Practical, responsible, grounded, clear, cautious, able, solutions, transformation, routine


Questions to Ask 

What do I need to take greater responsibility for in my day to day life?

What areas of my practical life need more attention, or a fine tuning? Nutrition, exercise, work, cleanliness, relationships…?

Where, or about what, have I recently been feeling lack of clarity on?

What actionable steps can I take today to find greater clarity?

When, or where, do I feel most grounded?


What to Become Aware of

Rooting, grounding, and moving onward! The reflection of this Full Moon in Virgo is arriving with great support for the practical materialization of what has most recently been feeling mysterious, unattainable, disassociated, and overly emotional. We have all been navigating recent weeks of crossed wires, miscommunication, re-surfacing pain and an inexplainable sense of loss. Yet here we are, rising in lightness again, remembering that there is really nothing we have lost, and that there is wonderful purpose in transforming our pain. The illumination of this Full Moon pulls us back into a heart of clearness and healing. We are remembering what it means to live in personal responsibility for our own frequency, actions and relations. We get to choose how we walk this plane. We are called to take back control of what is in our immediate, personal capacity, and Moon reminds us that this all begins within. We cannot always control external circumstances. But what we can control is our insight into them and our feelings about them. This heart of peace is eternally accessible to each of us. Tuning back in is really just like tuning the radio receiver of our consciousness. Even in the chaos of surfacing pain, we have the control to change the station. We can tune back in. This is the catalyst for transformation.

We are again being granted clarity, support for sacred + conscious communication, and the inspiration to hone in on the routines and practices which ground us. As Virgo rules practicality and earth-based solutions to emotional obstacles, we are called to work with how we go about our day to day lives as a portal to healing in very recognizable ways. What do we need to take greater responsibility for? What areas of our practical lives need more attention, or a fine tuning? We are grounding back into our bodies and to our planet. Here we are. In sensation and experience. We are here to receive. Our Mother Earth exists to give us so much, if only we could open our hearts + minds to receive her. At this Full Moon, we have the ability to see that we truly have everything that we need, and making sense of the Mystery really can be just a simple, practical action away.

May we each find our way into experiences, routines, and practices which make us feel most grounded. May we each find the clarity and honesty we seek in our communications and relations. May we remember to walk in grace, peace, courage and personal responsibility. We each have our purpose and place here. May we use everything we are given as a catalyst for our transformation. Blessed Full Moon energies zingggg!


A Ritual to Practice

Infusing Intention

If you have been following me (Meagan) for some time, you’ll know how deeply in love I am with nourishing herbal infusions. There are a staple of my daily life — a practical routine I turn to in order to ground and nourish my mind, body, and spirit. I find that making + consuming nourishing herbal infusions is a really easy, low-cost way to re-energize my entire being. With the practical, nourishing encouragement of this Full Moon, I feel that creating a personally prescribed herbal infusion with intention could be incredibly powerful on all levels! Here’s what to do ::

  • Boil water // Pour water over 1oz of whichever herbs you feel called to (such as Oatstraw, Nettle, Red Clover, Red Raspberry leaf, Mullein, Lemon Balm, Hibiscus, etc!) in a Quart size Mason jar.
  • Let this sit out on the counter (or under the Full Moon!) for 4-6 hours (or overnight).
  • Strain herbs + enjoy instead of, or alongside, water all throughout the day.
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