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» New Moon on 2/23 in Pisces «

new moon in pisces 2/23/2020 moon & rock blog

∵ art is by  @arianapapademetropoulos

» This February's New Moon on 2/23 is in Pisces « 
February 23 7:32am PST / 10:32am EST / 3:32pm GMT
February 24 2:32am AEST



Inspiration, affection, warmth, joy, purification, nutrition, movement, empowerment, dream, play


Questions to Ask 

What is inspiring me most right now?

When do I feel most empowered, most motivated?

What steps could I take to channel my art or creativity into something practical that can serve others?

What memories, experiences, or feelings am I presently purifying?

What forms of movement help me to physically + mentally feel my best?

What does “Love” mean to me? What sensations, colors, patterns, shapes does that word invoke within me? Draw it out if that feels more clear.

How do I feel called to take space for myself at this New Moon?


What to Become Aware of 

Now is the time to allow ourselves to feel. Feel to heal. To bravely plunge the fluid depths of inner inspiration and self-empowerment. Collectively, we are in a potent purification cycle of moving through and releasing unsustainable ways of being, relating, and creating. Now is the time to walk in observable service to Love — to speak up for what matters to us, for what excites us, for what pains us, for both the beauty and the injustices we see. Pisces compels us to channel the emotions which arise from what we witness in the world, into a creative act of service, an art of living, that infuses an inspired healing into the fractures of society.

We are called to dive in Awareness of where we want to go and of what we seek to bring back to the surface to share. This beautiful New Moon in Pisces encourages us to play in the dreamy fluidity of our own inner seas, purifying what doesn’t feel good and therefore find an unshakable joy for life’s simplicities.

May we remember that with all that we do, we are each doing our best. Our personal relationship with Love, Source, Divinity is what guides and defines the individual intentions we pour into our realities. And at the same time, this personal relationship is what connects us, it’s what makes us never alone, because each of us walks in communication with the same Source of inspiration. All of our stories, mythologies, archetypes, and systems of understanding are arms of the same body, beating to life by the same heart. The artistic influence of this New Moon imbues in us a greater understanding of how the intention (the energy) we put into something is absolutely vital to the health of its outcome. We are better understanding our power to intend with Love. Just as we would want to cook with and consume the healthiest food we have access to, we similarly would want to cook up a collective reality from the most uplifting and healing of intentions that we have access to. And the wonderful thing is … each of us has unrestricted access to intimacy with the beating heart of the body of Creation. Each of us has the capacity to experience the purity, beauty, and mystery of the simple manifestations of our lives. Whatever our inner inspirations are calling us to, they ask us to please keep diving deeper, to keep reaching for this beating heart of Love.

Take some space to yourself at this Moon. Dive in, in whatever capacities your life currently enables you to. Some moments of meditation, a hot bath, a forest bath, a quiet cup of tea … plug into the modes that allow you to access to your own inspiring, empowering seas. Find fluidity while navigating the feelings that present themselves. Be aware of not getting too attached ... imbue them with your intentions of Love. New Moons are moments in the cycle of our lives which call for us to rest, reflect, and plant the seeds for the growth of the coming cycle. Reflection is as valid as celebration. Allow this Piscean season introversion to gift you strength. Release control, and receive.


A Ritual to Practice 

Flower Essence

A wonderful way to invoke gratitude for the spirit of Pisces’s intuitive waters, as well as to set intentions of great Love, is by brining these essences into our bodies in a literal way. Create your own flower essence! This is an easy, but powerful way to commune with water, with love, and with beautiful plants for healing. The idea behind flower essences is that just as humans, each flower has it’s own essence and gifts and medicine, and when we infuse the flower in water under the alchemical force of sunlight, we bring this medicine into our bodies to manifest subtle healing in the body and psyche. Flower essences aid us in being able to see, swim through, and release what is no longer needed — with compassion and curiosity. 

Here is what you’ll need to make your own essence ::

  • Flowers of choice (whatever is in season or blooming wildly around you)
  • Bowl of water
  • Sunlight
  • Intentions

Before picking your flower, ask permission to pick her. Take a moment with the plant thank her for her beauty and medicine. Bring to mind your intention, then harvest her to go directly into your bowl of water. Set your bowl out underneath the sunlight for 3 to 6 hours. It’s absolutely fine if it is cloudy, the daylight’s rays will still penetrate your water. After your 3 to 6 hours, strain your flower essence (which is called the mother essence water) from the flower parts, and store it in a bottle. You can preserve your mother essence with 50% alcohol (can be stored on the counter and will last indefinitely) or 50% apple cider vinegar (store in the fridge and it will last about 6 months). Take your essence via a dropper directly from this bottle, as often as you feel called.

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