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» New Moon on 3/24 in Aries «

new moon in Aries moon + rock moon letters

» This March's New Moon on 3/24 is in Aries « 

March 24 2:28am PST / 5:28am EST / 9:28pm GMT / 8:28am AEST



Mystery, development, growth, self-inquiry, perspective, resource, confidence, initiation, shift


Questions to Ask

What mental patterns do I find myself indulging in that don't leave me feeling uplifted?

What does uplift me? What resources or sources of information do I trust and find comfort in?

What is my prayer today? How can I anchor this prayer in my body and in the earth?

What Spring seeds am I planting for this coming season? What am I devoting myself to taking action on?


What to Become Aware of

The world as we've known it will never be the same. We are wading through days of deep transformation, radical shifts, and uncomfortable insight. Whew. These times of much uncertainty are asking us to get better settled into an awareness of our own mental and emotional patterns, and to work with this time as a nourishing retreat for all of our systems, including Mother Earth.

We are vulnerable little creatures, not as immortal as we believe ourselves to be. We live in a mechanistic age where we have become far more inclined to dig into the dirt of the internet more than the dirt of the Mother. We live in an age of addiction to what is circulating in the iCloud, rather than worship of the GodCloud lingering outside our windows, radiating and raining down the very real stuff which keeps us alive. We live in an age where resources are supplied from the corner store — food comes from a plastic bag and toiletries come from a lab. We have become overly reliant upon the information pinged through our devices, and have wholly let go of the intelligence vibrating through the living ecosystems around us. We daily plug our phones into an electrical source of power, but where are we plugging in our bodies? Our psyches? Our hearts? Where are we getting our life-force from? Where do we go for power? Where do we go to feel safe?

There is an overwhelming amount of information out there right now about the state of things. Big shifts are occurring. These are the times that our ancestors and elders have been prophesying since before time was time. Not always in particularities, but definitely in obscurities about the nature of reality and of being embodied on this planet and in these unique laws of nature. This is the balance between yin and yang. This is what it means to face our mortality and the vulnerability of our vessels. Right now, everyone has a perspective. Often, radically differing perspectives. From facts to tips to conspiracy theories and beyond. It's a lot.

I personally feel an urgency to stay informed, and yet, I don’t know who to trust, other than my own inner reflections and prayers. I am walking in very little faith for facts from any angle, and am slowly but surely remembering the power in relying upon my own direct experience and the impact I can have on my immediate environment. I feel that this is the great medicine of these days. The uncomfortable insight comes on slowly, but with ferocity. Our attention is being pulled in different directions and dimensions in matters of nanoseconds and though we are staying home, our hearts are having to travel so far. We feel each other. We love each other.

My personal belief is that the heart of existence, and therefore the heart of humanity is Good. Goodness and Mercy and Love. Our quantum, cosmic, inherent unity and the gifts of Mother Earth are forever playing out a Mystery of which we are not entitled to grasp. And so during these times, we are called to take everything with a pinch of salt. If not for any other reason than to soothe our own souls, settle our own systems, take care of our own psyches. We can recoil from the frenzy of the media by returning to the Earth for her nourishment (in ways as simple as touching and smelling fresh herbs or planting naked feet on grass or in dirt).

This Aries Moon reminds us that individual transformation conceives collective transformation. When we take ownership over the shifts within our very own being, intentional healing ripples into time and space to raise us all. We can settle in. We can take control of our thoughts and feelings. We can honor the balance. We can work with the darkness. This New Moon beckons us into a more faithful relationship with our own inner universe. We must trust ourselves again. We must take our own direct experience as truth.

It is good to know the how’s of things, and take aligned action from knowledge. But sometimes, even consuming seemingly positive perspectives on the why’s can leave us reeling in even more fear than before. The reality is, none of us really know why. And truthfully, there may not even be a reason. It all probably isn’t even as complicated as our psyches need to make it out to be. Yes, we need stories to make sense of our world. But language can also go as far as limiting our ability to honor the Mysteries of which, again, we aren’t entitled to put reason to. This is life here.

So today, my prayer is that we may each choose to take this time of “retreat" to not only physically retreat, but to also mentally and emotionally retreat. Today, my prayer is that we each take this time to become empowered by knowledge and motivated by the collective shifts taking place, but to also be sobered up by the Mysteries and nurtured by the Balance. All that we really have control over is our own inner awareness and resilience. Regardless of the stories and information floating around, my prayer is that while you stay informed, you also stay centered in the sweetness and faith of your own inner peace, and that you take inventory of what information makes you feel faith, and what information makes you feel unsafe. Be discerning. Stay grounded. Get your feet on Mother Earth in whatever small ways you are able. Retreat within to your own heart, and remember your capacity to alchemize murky depths into soaring heights. Nothing in our world will ever be the same. Know your purposeful and positive place in the shift. Rejoice in the Mystery!

My heart and prayers go out to every single one of you and your families far and wide. May all beings be healthy, healed, happy, and loved. Please know that you are not alone, we are all in this together. Our hearts beat as one.


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I highly recommend that all give this article, Finnegas by Paul Kingsnorth for Emergence Magazine a read. Similarly, please leave any inspiring content you have come across for this community to build upon in the comments below! 𑁍

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