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» Full Moon on 4/7 - 4/8 in Libra «

full moon in libra on 4/7 - 4/8 moon + rock astrology

art is Gerardo Dottori, Sunshine from the terrace

» This April's Full Moon on 4/7 - 4/8 is in Libra « 

April 7 7:34pm PST / 10:34pm EST

April 8 2:34am GMT / 12:34pm AEST 

This Moon's musing format looks a bit different. I received this comforting download in my morning meditation, and was called to share it here in this way. All my love.

⊹   ⊹   ⊹

You are never alone, my child. What you are going through are growing pains. The old comforts which you once crutched onto keep you safe, are now keeping you caged. The old modes via which you got what you wanted, are no longer leading you towards what you need. The world you have been trying to make sense of is not the world in which you came to live. You are remembering that you are not here to make sense of a system over which you have no control. You are remembering that you came here as an aspect of God, to make sense of Itself, and to exercise control over nothing but your own inner peace.

The reality you were programmed to work into, since you took your first breath, feeds on your traumas and your fears. But the reality you originated in, since your essence extended from Source, is the reality of everlasting Love which thrives on your creativity and compassion.

You know this. And you are breaking free. Return to me.

You are shedding skins, breath by breath. By no means is this sojourn convenient to the more tangible world around you. But you know it’s urgency nonetheless. With every sensation, you are called to witness through the eyes of the heart, where you understand that everything you perceive in another, in any circumstance, is a vivid reflection of what longs to be tended to within you. The institutions of your world can’t teach you this. You recall it from a spark of discernment within your own soul. You are remembering what it looks like to identify more with your witnessing awareness, which is eternal, than you do with your external appearance, which fades. You are courageous.

The garden of your consciousness is teeming with potentiality. The sacred seeds of a sustainable future are ready to rise. Give them what they need — a clean body, a clear mind, the light of compassionate relations and the generous elements of your Earth Mother. You are never alone in Her embrace. You believe in loneliness because it can’t possibly seem true that everyone around you is also traversing the depths in which you are — they all seem so stable. They say they have a plan. They know where they’re headed and their hard work appears clear. But you know that such stability is a temporary bandaid atop the wounds festering beneath. And you, you alone don’t walk that path. Remember when you did? You never found the medicines you needed growing along its edges. It was all too sterile. You see where it ends, or rather, where it all disappears. You are headed into the endless, where all continues to be revealed. You have found your way out. You have set yourself free.

You have found your vitality in the quiet, in the mystery, in the pathless path. You have seen how your motivation for these earthly delights turn rancid and rot over time. While the world around you survives on hormonal hit from hormonal hit of instant gratification. They believe in the numbers fluctuating on their screens, that those numbers prove worth and purpose and competence. But you believe in the beauty arising in your awareness, that such a sensation is your walking prayer for embodiment of the perfection of eternity.

You are never alone, my child. Tune into the greater conversation of the deeper reality you’re remembering. We are waiting for you to join in. Keep listening. Keep receiving. You are always provided with exactly what you need. The growing pains you are experiencing are temporary adjustments as your life here begins to parallel the contract of your soul. You are not alone on this journey. Those who’s light you see, whether they can see it themselves or not, are walking right alongside you. Your people are all around you. Open up and let them in. Abolish your belief in your loneliness, and lean into an interdependence upon the wildness of your own awareness. Hold yourself sweetly. You are emerging anew.

⊹   ⊹   ⊹

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