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Tips for Shifting Consciousness

tips for shifting consciousness - moon and rock - atone organic skincare

I shared here about how shifting consciousness to the frequency of presence, away from the frequency of body identification, creates subtle yet undeniable transformation in the body and wider life. This is truly the foundation of skin health — an expanded consciousness that goes about life with less identification with the fluctuations of our physicality.

This means focusing less on what we look like, and focusing more on how present and at peace we feel in our lives. It means focusing more on joy and less on appearance.

Our beauty is not purely in our physicality. Our true beauty is in our kindness. Our true beauty is in our service. Our true beauty is in our presence.

Here are a few tips for shifting into this consciousness that never fail to help me get back into a state of greater presence when I’m losing my way.

  • Deep belly breathing - breathing into the belly and ribs and back, exhaling by engaging the pelvic floor and pulling it up. Become aware of how you may be breathing in your chest and not in your belly. Chest breathing can stimulate the nervous system and cause anxiety. Belly breathing calms the nervous system.
  • Inner spaciousness awareness - read The Power of Now for this
  • Do something for someone else - turn your awareness away from yourself and put it into someone or something else in need.
  • Walk in nature - while walking, consciously quiet any story playing out in your mind and instead, focus on the beauty of Mother Earth around you
  • Make art - write, dance, weave, paint, anything...
  • Cacao meditation - commune with ceremonial grade cacao in a meditation to open the heart and ground into presence
  • Study a subject that interests you
  • Read poetry or spiritual teachings
  • Baptize in bodies of natural water

This is by no means an exhaustive list - just a few ideas.

There is a difference between activities that cause us to disassociate from our lives, rather than deepen our intimacy with our lives. 

I feel that the above activities help us to do the latter, while quieting the mind to a healthy degree that moves us from fear / control and into love / acceptance.

Your heart will let you know which activities cause you to disassociate and which feed your spirit. Tune in to listen and respond.

*image is from Unconditional Magainze

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