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New Moon in Capricorn 1/2

new moon in capricorn 1/2/22 astrology
art is from @babaramdass

» This January's NEW MOON on 1/2 is in Capricorn « 

10:34am PST / 1:34pm EST / 6:34pm GMT

Jan 3 5:34am AET



Beginnings, reevaluation, capacity, confidence, strength, vision, development, unity


Questions to Ask

What do I presently hold a long term vision of?

What gives me strength of spirit? What feeds my trust?

How have my priorities been shuffled this year? What does this change, if anything, for me in the coming year?

What am I saying YES to this month? What is a sacred NO?


What to Become Aware of

Endings precipitate beginnings, and here we are closing the door on one year in order to walk wildly into another. New Moons similarly initiate energetic beginnings, and in Capricorn, we are presented with the opportunity for reevaluation of our visions and values in order to strengthen self-understanding and trust. With a new Gregorian year and a new Moon cycle at once, we are basking in a supportive gateway to greater confidence in ourselves and our path forward. This is a time to get clear on the path that calls to us (each of us uniquely), mustering the strength to be in it for the long haul and dropping expectations for immediate gratification. Capricorn has clear vision with a tenacity and steadfastness that is perfectly at peace with manifestations taking their divine time to find form.

We are called now to trust our dreams and the muses calling our hands to work. When we can carve out quiet space for meditation or ritual (whatever gets us calm and receptive) we can more clearly hear the muse of inspiration and trust the messages it brings. As the world has changed so dramatically in the last two years, so have we individually. This is a wonderful time to take an intimate look at how we have evolved on a personal level — how have our priorities been shuffled and what does this mean for our work in the world?

The choice to feed fear or feed love could be very distinct right now. When a new path presents itself, it is easy to see the alternatives and it is only natural to spend time dabbling in the energy both, in order to really know what is for us and what is not. What is really resonant? What is a clear YES right now and what is a sacred NO? It is okay if our NO is something that was once (very recently) a boundary we didn’t need to set. It is okay if our YES leads us into a life that feels threatening or confusing for others. This is not the time to spend even a moment in worry about what others think about our dreams. We are called to soar wildly into all that supports us and awaits our conscious participation.

May we unify now all that feels fragmented in our being, weaving the frayed edges back into the intricate heart. May we keep the strength to climb the tallest mountain, to be in our dreams for the long haul, and to never forget to stop and appreciate the Beauty of the present moment all along the way.

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