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Full Moon in Cancer 1/17

» This January's FULL MOON on 1/17 is in Cancer « 

Jan 17 3:48pm PST / 6:48pm EST / 11:48pm GMT

Jan 18 10:48am AEST



Tenderness, balance, taking care of business, family, prayer, imagination, process, value

Questions to Ask

What is my spiritual self care? What does taking care of my own energy now look / feel like?

What is my sacred, safe space for moving through emotions? How can I better honor and receive these emotions as gifts in this space?

What specifically are the dominant emotions I am moving through?

What does "keep it simple" look like in my life right now? Where can I pare back?


What to Become Aware of

This beautiful Cancer Full Moon is all about choosing wisely what we value, what is significant and inspiring to us, and what makes us feel most vital during chaotic collective times. This is all about taking our vision way deep back down into the family, personal, sacred space dimension and taking extra good care of what is going on there. This is an inside job, and we are called to sit still at this time with what big emotions are undulating in our hearts and move through them tenderly, intimately, and simply.

There is an important simplicity theme here as well. We can best connect with what is present in our internal worlds by weeding out the fluff and coming back into clear understanding of the most simple things which support us and which we value. Moon in Cancer is greatly balanced by Sun in Capricorn right now, bringing in some extra intensity around our work in the world and how that is balanced with our spiritual work within. How can we continue to take care of business while also taking impeccable care of ourselves?

This is a time to sit silently with things and allow them to move through. Truly the greatest work we can do in the world right now begins with each individual remembering their spiritual purpose in being here and our boundless, innate oneness despite apparent dualities.

If anything at this time, take great care of your own energy. Enter your sacred space and remember what makes you feel so good — where your purpose is, what your service is, where your love emanates from.

Keep it simple. Keep it sweet.

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