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New Moon in Aquarius 2/1

new moon in aquarius 2/1/22 astrology atone beauty

 This February's New Moon on 1/31 - 2/1 is in Aquarius 

Jan 31 9:45pm PST

Feb 1 12:45am EST / 5:45am GMT / 4:45pm AET



Commitment, beauty, clarity, intentional, timely, informative, radical, revolutionary


Questions to Ask

What is coming through now (what is it time for) that didn’t previously feel possible?

What dream am I presently devoting myself to?

What does confidence feel like for me? What is my relationship to that word?

What intentions am I seeding now?


What to Become Aware of

Happy Lunar New Year!

It is time to believe in yourself. What are you waiting around for? It is time to commit your every breath to the path that Spirit inspires in your heart. Hold the codes of beauty which make your dreamiest manifestations possible intimately in your being, yet release all control over the when, how and why. Extend your prayers for a more beautiful world outward and onward, infusing devotion into every step you take. Simply rest in the recalibrating peace of possibility. If there is a clear path which calls to you, commit yourself to it now. Commit yourself in heart (energy), and mind (action) will follow in harmony. Release worry. Release manipulation. Move deeper and deeper into devotion.

Everything begins within. All that arises in this physical reality is a result of a dream that was first dreamed in consciousness, in the expansive, infinite reality that our survival instincts don’t always give us access to. The dreams that dance in your consciousness can be seeded in this reality as something visceral and physical, and their power is greatly enhanced by your intentionality. New Moons are times to plant our seeds in the garden of the heart. This is a very informative and revolutionary New Moon that calls us to close the chapter of what has changed for us in 2021 and to actively begin writing the new reality of where we are moving into now. This would be a great time to get clear on what really has changed for you in the last year — write this down on the left side of a piece of paper and then on the right side, write down the path forward that you are moving into now. This simple exercise can be very powerful in helping to shift perspective, instill trust and confidence in ourselves. There is a planetary theme of grounded clarity with this New Moon, so being as clear as we can with ourselves about what we have let go of and what we want next is cornerstone in our commitment.

When I say that it is time to believe in ourselves, I mean coming into rooted embodiment of Divine Confidence. This Confidence is humble, and yet ruthlessly transformative as it pulls its energy directly from the source of Spirit. And I don’t mean to say that committing to Confidence is a one-time immediate and unchanging shift. Confidence is something that requires our practice, our devotion, in every moment of our waking reality. It is gritty, physical, sometimes a little awkward and unsettling (but only to our shadow). Confidence is something that is practiced in our actions, interactions, communications and creations all throughout the day. Confidence is more deeper embodied and instilled in our being the longer we practice giving up (by not giving power or weight to) psychological hesitations, beliefs and blocks. This also ties into allowing our prayers to expand onward, alchemizing the mundane to become life as ceremony.

Plant your seeds loved ones! Water them daily with the nutrition of your intention in these coming months. This year holds so much potential for revolutionary change, both on the micro and macro levels. And all the way, believe in your abilities. The planet needs your fortitude now. Step in line, we’re walking this path hand in hand.

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