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Full Moon in Leo 2/16

full moon in leo 2/11 atone beauty moon + rock moon letter astrology 2022

  This February's Full Moon on 2/16 is in Leo 

Feb 16 8:55am PST / 11:55am EST / 4:55pm GMT

Feb 17 3:55am AET



Risk, potential, momentum, activation, evolution, co-creation, balance


Questions to Ask

What feels risky right now? Am I called to take a risk? If so, what is it?

Am I witnessing my thought and emotional states? Is what is going on there resonating health-fully for me?

Where do I need to pivot some thought states? What thoughts would serve me better?


What to Become Aware of

We are given the cosmic support now to peer deeply into the ways in which our energy may not be in right alignment with our hearts desires. We can hold a vision, cast an intention, and yet still go rather unconscious as to how our habitual thought-feeling states may actually be hindering us from taking aligned action with said vision. And taking action with big visions is always risky — but we are asked right now to go there. Really go there and settle into your risk, however that looks for you.

But this is tender, and risk’s dearest sister is pressure. The two come hand in hand. Our work is to allow the pressure to shape us gracefully, chiseling away whatever is not in alignment and leaving only that which opens the heart. This tenderness is simultaneously intense as the heart and mind both compete for ownership over our energy. And both are needed — at different times, at the same time. This is a collective field of masculine and feminine balance.

We can take a lot of Leo’s seriousness out of this process by turning our attention onto how our energy states ultimately serve others. How does our presence leave others feeling? Does the way that we walk into a room, or the way that we communicate, help others to feel safe and loved or attacked and criticized? May we get our own alignment right so that we may be a beacon of Spirit’s creativity for all those we interact with. This is subtle, yet very powerful co-creation and evolution. You know the old adage — someone may completely forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. This is very real.

If there is somewhere new we wish to go, we need to be sure we are taking good care of our health and psychology in order to land there safely. Now is a good time to catch ourselves on destructive thought patterns in particular. Thoughts which inevitably become things. Let’s get our thought energy, as well as emotional energy, into states which truly serve our hearts desires, as well as which serve the collective.

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