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New Moon in Pisces 3/2

art is Maria Callegaro - Serie di soli: il filtro celeste - 1995

  This March's New Moon on 3/2 is in Pisces 

March 2 9:35am PST / 12:35pm EST / 5:35pm GMT

March 3 4:35am AET



Vibration, completion, rebirth, reprogramming, focus, alignment, protection


Questions to Ask

What am I intending to release with this New Moon?

What intentions am I intending to anchor deeper into at this New Moon?

What frequencies / vibrations am I moving into greater alignment with? How do these serve my long-term dreams?

What most needs my attention throughout March and April?

Who Am I beneath the mental noise and beneath physical form?

What does this essence of “I Am” feel like? How would I describe it (or draw it)?


What to Become Aware of

This New Moon is a curious balance between release and rebirth. We are pulling up to the intersection of transformation, where we can still see what has been released in the rear-view mirror, while also making steady but sure movement forward into greater alignment with our soul path. This can actually feel quite mental — we have a lot of plans, projects, projections, clear dreams arising in the mind, calling us to particular actions that usher us towards the practicality of our dreams. Yet this is also incredibly spiritual — as what we are called into is an indispensable aspect of our soul path and evolution. The internal and the external are dancing as one. The masculine and the feminine in each of us are harmonious.

Every New Moon is a beginning, a seed planting. Pisces is completion and transformation. We are being asked to consider what new frequencies are calling us to rise up and which are falling into release. What are we complete with, and what are we unapologetically and excitedly ready for? We could feel a subtle sense of flow right now around the frequencies and projects that are going to most need our attention throughout March and April. There is fluidity and patience involved. We must dive wholly into this these fluid and cleansing waters, allowing our own rising and release. Patience comes when we are so rooted in the present moment, knowing that this very moment now holds all that we need. Our long-term vision may be very clear now, but we have incredible potential in the present moment to move into ever greater alignment with the energy frequency of what is best for us. This step cannot be skipped.

Ultimately, the sweetness and unifying energy of this New Moon is reminding us of our essence and beauty beyond our physical form. Given our present big (maybe pressurized) thoughts and prayers, we are called to come back to the essence underlying it all — the inherent beauty and creativity and thread in the great tapestry of Spirit that we ultimately are. This remembering is a great source of power and truth, the most powerful prayer. Who are we underneath it all? What is the guiding force within it all? How can we commune with, and remember this, daily?


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