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Full Moon in Virgo 3/18

  This March's Full Moon on 3/18 is in Virgo 

March 18 12:18am PDT / 3:18am EDT / 7:18am GMT / 6:18pm AET



Grounding, perception, perseverance, patience, routine, ritual, results (fruits)


Questions to Ask

What is my favorite way to get grounded? What helps me to feel rooted in my body?

How much gratitude do I experience throughout the day? What are 5 things I am grateful for now, and why?

What needs simplifying in my life?

What needs some Spring cleaning, both internally and externally?

What daily routines can I shift into rituals?


What to Become Aware of

We are moving up from feeling-based perceptions and intuitions (last Pisces New Moon) into a grounded body-consciousness in which the most mundane of everyday routines can be made into transcendent rituals for the manifestation of magic on Earth (Virgo). What constitutes as magic really comes down to our own perception of what is supported, serendipitous, and astonishing in our lives. Gratitude is an attitude that we choose, no matter our circumstances. Gratitude is felt deep within the body, mind, and spirit. Gratitude is a frequency that extends into all our our actions and interactions with the world. How much gratitude for your precious life are you experiencing today? What needs to be made simpler, what needs to be recognized, in order for you to experience gratitude even more? If we’re not experiencing gratitude enough, it usually means we need to get back to simple basics in order to have finer tuned appreciation for the bare elements.

There is a significant theme of simplicity with this Full Moon — a Spring Cleaning is encouraged, both for our inner worlds (Pisces) and our outer worlds (Virgo). There are still very strong Pisces energies in our chart now, all the while rooted and practical Virgo is spotlighting on a certain aspect of our lives that needs some practical awareness brought to it (look in your chart for which house 28 degrees Virgo is).

With Equinox arriving in just two days (on the 20th — Spring in the North, Autumn in the South) we are officially within the portal of rebirth and evolutionary energies. Take this time to pare back on what is feeling excessive or worn out. Virgo asks us to work with the body and the Earth as a channel into Spirit, so get to tending to your daily body-care routines as well as dusty closets and corners of home. What needs to be taken care of today? How can you find zest and presence in the acts of the seemingly mundane?

I recently had a profound realization that my spiritual path at this time is through the channel of the two seemingly most “unspiritual” aspects of my life — in my mothering and in my business. I was causing myself some suffering with a perception that my spiritual practices exist outside of mothering and business and if I could only just get more time to have silent space for myself, I’d be happier, or something. But when I had a conscious perspective shift, I came to see that the seemingly most mundane of tasks in raising precious children and in growing a beautiful business can actually become my most profound moments of awakening and evolution. That’s not to say that silent space to myself shouldn’t exist, it should. But I greatly let go of the need to have it every single day, or the moment that I want it. Now when I feel that urge come on it is an alarm for me to root deeper into the present moment and tend to the very practical necessities as a channel into Spirit and into my own growth. This sounds really simple, but in practice, is incredibly profound.

I share this with you to hopefully inspire you to take a look at what feels like the most mundane or banal aspects of your life and investigate how they can, in truth, provide moments of spiritual transcendence for you.

This is a nice time to tend to your everyday routines, similarly shifting perspective on them by turning them into ritual in which you intentionally tend to your life in gratitude and appreciation. Set intentions for nourishment, clarity, and simplicity. Focus on what can be taken care of just at your fingertips today, and move onwards breath by breath, patient and with faith. The juicy fruits of your labors will all ripen in time.

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