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The only truly sustainable self care.

truly sustainable self care

There is something precious and undeniable about the way our environment can shape our heath and overall wellbeing.

There is an unconscious aspect to this, wherein we aren’t always acutely aware of how the psyche and spirit interact with environment. We don’t have much control over these factors (such as other people’s intentions, air pollution, city / landscape aesthetics), though we do have the ability to strengthen our systems to adapt to the stress these factors create.

There is also a conscious aspect to this, wherein we conjure an acute awareness of the beauty and resonance around us, igniting a connection to the inner spaciousness of our bodies and the wider spaciousness of our subtle bodies extending all around.

This conscious aspect holds immense potential to activate healing and reprogramming in the psyche, which in turn manifests transformation in the body / life. When we shift our consciousness from object consciousness (external validation) to space consciousness (presence) we re-train the psyche to tune to the frequency of true beauty, rather than to the frequency of body identification.

The frequency of body identification creates an unhealthy environment in which obsessive and worrisome thoughts about ones appearance and performance consume the mind. These thoughts manifest a certain reality in which our grasp for control over the body, over time, leads to greater misery as the body gets older and changes and breaks down (as every body naturally does). In this state we can never be truly satisfied. There will always be something to fix.

When we shift consciousness to the frequency of presence, we become much bigger than ourselves — our sense of self merges with the beauty of our external environment and we remember that we are not alone. We remember how our cells dance with the oxygen of the atmosphere, the atoms of the water, the micronutrients of the food we consume. We are interconnected and therefore supported. We move into a space of letting life move through us and with us and for us (rather than against us, which is what the false narrative of body identification creates).

Weaving true beauty is about rewriting this narrative in our own lives by shifting consciousness to presence, thus allowing presence to shape our health and wellbeing. This is the only truly sustainable self care.

Give it a try. You won’t regret it.

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