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~ Super Full Blood Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse on 1/20 in Leo ~

super blood full moon total lunar eclipse in leo on 1/20 :: meagan moon 


~ This January's Super Full Blood Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse on 1/20 is in Leo ~


Essences: Sensation, embrace, focus, care, prayer, change, intention, inspiration, experience


Questions to Ask: What am I presently most passionate about? 

What physical sensations does this passion bring to my body?

What does it feel like for me to be in optimal health, in the areas of Mind, Body + Spirit?

Do I presently feel in my optimal health? If not, why not? In what ways do I feel inspired to make changes in each category (Mind, Body + Spirit)?

What am I presently committing myself to? What is my intention in doing so?

Where are my prayers most focused at this time?

In one sentence, how would I best describe my current experience of life?

Who inspires me most at this time? What do they embody that I see my own potential within?

What is my greatest intention at this Moon?


What to Become Aware of: How authentic are we really being to our own uniqueness at this time? What a gorgeous, potent Moon, illuminating the most obvious ways in which we haven’t been caring for ourselves and asking for what we, as intuitive and autonomous beings, most need. We are seeing the ways in which we’ve been choosing to dim our own light under the influence of others, out of fear that we don’t have the intelligence to know what’s best for ourselves. But of course we do! Truly only we can know. We each have a potent feeling-based sense within us of what is good and what is not so good for us in any moment — and this is fluid, ever-changing, and always re-inspiring. We all experience moments of falling unconscious under the authority of others (whether that be people we admire, or societal structures), forgetting that we ourselves are our own authority and that we need no external agenda to tell us how to most joyously experience life.

Ultimately, our life experience is our greatest guide! This Moon + Eclipse is reminding us of the ways in which we have been giving away our power and denying our own distinct experience. It is showing us the ways we have become disconnected from each other, and therefore disconnected from the Earth. It is reminding us of how essential it is for us to tap into our unique passions, daily, and own them in an authentic, unapologetic poise. Why do we so easily deny our own experience as truth? The only use in giving our power away, is to remember how to again hold it and work with it for optimal health and creativity. At this Moon, may we allow ourselves to sink into an intuitive flow of choosing what feels best for what we’re currently going through, and letting what comes about because of it be our guide. Not a book. Not a protocol. Not a person. Not an ideology. But direct life experience. Intimacy with existence. Grounded in the reality of being unapologetically ourselves. 

May we allow the judgements of others to ignite compassion in our hearts for the distress of fear that they may be experiencing within themselves. And may we use our feelings about these judgments to alchemize inspiration to trust ourselves, trust our universe, and step into the embodiment of ultimate manifestor in our experience of this one and precious life. May we learn to forgive ourselves by learning to forgive others.

Earth has, and is, all that we need. Let this Moon inspire you to return to her in whatever ways you’re able, prayers and intentions flowing from your cells. Plant them in her memory. Celebrate your freedom of choice. Sense your necessary participation in it all.


A Ritual to Practice: Planting Prayers

Get yourself to a patch of Earth where you are able to rest your prayers and intentions. But before you do, write them out. What do you wish to express gratitude for, celebrate, and pray for protection for at this Moon? What do you intend to manifest or embody in the coming month? These answers could be very personal, or encompass the collective, or both. Discover some clarity within yourself about what you wish for at this time, and bring power to these feelings by writing them out. Then, get to your patch of Earth and plant your paper. If you don’t have access to raw land that inspires you, simply planting your intentions in a pot of soil with a new herb or some flower seeds on top is beautiful. And if you do have access to raw land, dig yourself a little hole with your fingers and place your prayers inside. All the while giving thanks for your path and the immense growth every experience brings you along the way. Visualize the light of this Moon and the transformative power of this Eclipse to illuminate all that has been dimming your light, give you the strength to come into your absolute authenticity in living your truth, unapologetically. 


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